Apple’s getting ready to launch the iPhone and Mac app we’ve wanted for years

iOS 18 and macOS 15 will deliver a dedicated passwords app that'll make your online life easier

Apple WWDC 2024
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Quick Summary

Apple intends to launch a new Passwords app at WWDC next week. It'll be based on the current Keychain system but will be simpler, easier to use and consistent. It'll also work with other apps, Vision Pro and Windows.

When Apple shows off iOS 18 and macOS 15 at WWDC next week, it intends to unveil a new app that could be a genuine game changer for iPhone, iPad and Mac users. It's a new stand-alone passwords app that'll replace the currently confusing and inconsistent approach with something much more streamlined and useful. Think 1Password or LastPass with the usual Apple style.

Apple's devices already handle password creation and storage, logins, saved cards and so on. But they do so in different ways on different devices, so for example on iOS your passwords are stored in the system Settings app but on the Mac they're in Safari. Having a more sensible, stand-alone app to cover everything for all of your apps in the same place on every Apple OS makes a lot of sense and could make your online life considerably easier. It'll also make a huge difference if you prefer to use  apps other than Apple's ones, such as alternative web browsers.

What to expect from Apple's Passwords app

According to Bloomberg, Apple intends to unveil Passwords on Monday. It's going to be based on the existing Keychain system, which is where your various passwords are already stored, but it will be much clearer and simpler to use. 

The app will store wwebsite and app logins, Wi-Fi network passwords and Passkeys, which enable you to use Touch ID or Face ID to log into websites without using a traditional password. The passwords app will send the appropriate details to your apps and to Safari whenever you need to log in.

According to the report the app will be available not just for iOS and macOS, but for Vision Pro too. It also says that Passwords will work with Windows PCs and that it will double as an authentication app, similar to Google Authenticator. However it's currently unclear as to whether the app will also store payment card details and other auto-fill information. Fingers crossed that it does.

In all honesty I'm more excited about this than I am about most of the rumoured AI features, because improved password handling would make a difference to my everyday life and solve some ongoing irritations. 

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