Apple TV+ teases hit sci-fi show's return – and it has fans very excited

Severance is coming

Severance on Apple TV+
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It's been a busy few weeks for streaming services of all shapes and sizes, from new movies released to trailers for long-awaited and acclaimed shows returning. In among all that, you might have missed one of the most-demanded teasers from Apple TV+.

Its show Severance was confirmed for at least one more season shortly after it aired to nearly universal acclaim, but with scarce news since it's felt like a long, hard wait for a proper glimpse at its forthcoming season. Now, as part of a glitzy showreel about upcoming projects, Apple has given us our first look.

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Being only one section of a teaser, however, we don't get to see a huge amount – but the video opens with a shot of Adam Scott as Mark seemingly returning to the office despite the dramatic revelation of the first season's finale. 

He's greeted by the villainous Millchick (played by Tramell Tillman), which promises more tense clashes between the two. Later in the showreel we get another look at Mark as he flashes between different realities (or consciousnesses). 

At least one of these seems to have him wired up to a machine out of his work clothes, so we're guessing Mark will be delving further into the investigation of just what his company actually does. 

It might only be a few seconds in total, but the teaser has people humming with excitement in the comments under the trailer's YouTube upload, too. One person went full all-caps to express their eagerness, writing: "SEVERANCE IS BACK, FINALLY!!"

Another commenter enthused: "Severance is unironically the best show on television right now". It's hard to argue too hard with that position, either – the first season is sitting on a 97% score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and is a terrific, head-twisting watch. 

It's also just one part of the array of excellent sci-fi shows that make Apple TV+ the best streaming service for genre fans right now. Another top show is also teased for a return in the trailer reel too: Silo is coming back for a second season – and it looks like the Silo's inhabitants are preparing to leave it at last. 

All that remains is to wait for both – or to catch up by watching their respective first seasons on Apple TV+ now, where they're both streaming. Both well worth your time and investment – and if you don't own an Apple TV then one of the devices below will act as the perfect in point for your viewing needs. 

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