Apple TV+ set to correct its biggest mistake

There's great news coming for Android phone owners

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Apple has advertised for a new software engineer to create a dedicated Apple TV app for Android phones and tablets.

This will finally give Android users access to Apple TV+ and the MLS Season Pass without having to watch through a browser.

Apple TV+ is widely regarded to be among the best streaming services. It might not have the biggest library of content, but its hit rate for original shows and movies is excellent.

Series like Slow Horses, For All Mankind, and Severance are loved by critics and viewers alike, and then of course there's Ted Lasso, which broke the boundaries of streaming to become one of the most talked about comedies of this generation.

However, Apple TV+ is not perfect. Not everyone can watch the shows natively, with Android phone and tablet owners having to use a browser workaround to catch the latest episodes.

Thankfully, that won't be for much longer.

It is reported that Apple is looking for a senior engineer to build a dedicated Apple TV app for Android.

A job listing on Apple's own website (via Bloomberg) was posted last week for an applicant to "help build an application used by millions to watch and discover TV and sports". It is likely that the latter refers partly to the MLS Season Pass, which is part of the overall app experience, rather than an Apple TV+ subscription.

Of course, considering that the new employee is yet to be found, a dedicated Apple TV app for Android mobile devices could still be some way off. But the groundwork is being done, and that's surely great news.

It was always the missing element in Apple's entertainment arsenal. An Apple TV app is available for Android TV, along with many other streaming devices and Smart TVs, so it was always odd that it wasn't on Android mobiles too.

Some believed it was a strategic move, to sell more iPhones and iPads, but Apple Music was released on Android some time ago, and Apple TV+ rivals the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, which are each available natively on Android.

By creating a dedicated app, Apple will surely expand its subscriber base.

For now, Android handset owners can still watch Apple TV+ content (and the MLS coverage) by visiting the Apple TV website on Chrome or Firefox and viewing the action through the browser window. It's not ideal, but works.

You also get a 7-day free trial period, if you haven't already signed up, so you can see if you like the experience.

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