Apple scraps in-box charger and earphones for iPhone 12 and iPhone SE

A leak confirms a thinner, 'exquisite' retail box for iPhone 12 and iPhone SE

iPhone SE

The last few days have seen a whirlwind of iPhone 12 rumours, and it's not all been great news. Recently, we heard that the upcoming flagship smartphone from Apple will ship without earbuds or a charger in the box - something confirmed to be the case by notable (and reliable) Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. 

This move will potentially leave customers footing the bill for the missing accessories and negate the $50 difference in launch price between the new iPhone and the iPhone 11. This rumour has now gained even more weight, with another reputable leaker chiming in to back up the bad news. 

Twitter leaker @L0vetodream is just the latest in a line of leakers and analysts to state that Apple is abandoning the in-box charger and earbuds - but interestingly, it sounds like this move is being applied across the board to all iPhones. That goes for the iPhone SE too, which launched back in April.

According to the leaker, iPhone boxes will "become thinner, and Exquisite" as a result. That last bit's a head-scratcher, but perhaps there's a packaging overhaul on the horizon that will see eco-friendly boxes that look fantastic. Not shipping the accessories in the box will certainly cut down on e-waste too - most people already have their own headphones of choice to use with their smartphones, as well as chargers. 

This decision would only impact new arrivals to Apple's ecosystem, who may find shelling out for a new charger a pain.

It seems Apple may be gearing up for a wireless future; we already know that the previously cancelled AirPower charging mat may be back on the cards thanks to Apple leaker Jon Prosse. Apple has also been confronted by the EU over incorporating a USB-C rather than its proprietary lightning connector. Prosser has said that Apple won't be switching over to a common charging port, tweeting that "Apple will go portless before they go USB-C."    

We've yet to hear official word from Apple as to what its plans are, or the reasons behind them, but judging by the current landscape, we're fairly confident that the new iPhones will be shipping solo, in some snazzy new packaging. 

Source: BGR

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