iPhone 12 MISSING features leaves Apple fans footing the bill

Apple analyst says charger and wired earbuds won't ship in the iPhone 12 box

iPhone 12
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Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has this weekend confirmed that he expects the iPhone 12 to ship without a charger in the box, as well as EarPods. This is in line with what we heard from a Barclays analyst just days ago.

Kuo also goes a step further, saying Apple could well discontinue its 5W and 18W chargers altogether, leaving customers on the hook for a charger and earbuds if they don't already have them. The move is said to be an attempt at hitting a price point comparable to the iPhone 11 as well as a push towards being more environmentally conscious, but it's not sitting well with fans.

Kuo says the reason for Apple taking the charger and earbuds out of the box, is to offset the extra costs incurred by making this year's lineup 5G compatible - otherwise the newest flagship would be more expensive than the last year's. At the moment, the iPhone 12 is rumoured to retail for $50 less than the iPhone 11 series, starting at $649 for the basic 5G version. 

From an eco-conscious point of view, the iPhone 12 shipping without accessories would cut down on packaging, and offers a financial benefit to the tech giant in terms of shipping costs.  

Apple blogger Benjamin Mayo shared his thoughts on the news, which was echoed by some other Twitter users, saying that while the decision would be good for the environment, "it feels like nickel and diming," adding "even if Apple is going to pass 100% of the cost savings directly on to the final price, no one will see it like that."

He goes on to point out that if iPhone 12 users are new to the ecosystem or need to buy those accessories for whatever reason, it would cost them a little over $63 - effectively cancelling any savings it might have otherwise offered over the iPhone 11.

Back to Kuo's report, he's not convinced that Apple will toss in the Lightning cable either, although he does believe that the fast charger will be bundled with the upcoming iPads . 

This many iterations into the iPhone, it's unlikely that many prospective users will be left without the means to charge their devices, but there's a small contingent that could be affected by the decision who certainly won't be happy at the perceived slight. 

Apple has yet to confirm exactly which accessories will be shipped with the smartphone, so don't get too upset just yet! Sit tight for more updates.       

Source: 9to5Mac

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