Apple: iMac Pro will be here 'in a matter of days' (Update: looks like 14 December)

That's according to Apple's marketing lead Phil Schiller, in an interview with

In an interview with last week, Apple's Phil Schiller said the new iMac Pro will be "out there...very soon. A matter of days now." CNBC Tech has since confirmed the date as being 14 December. 

The original comments were part of a wide-ranging sit-down interview we had with Schiller last week. 

"This time, we decided to push it further. We asked our engineering teams, 'Can you make an iMac Pro that’s truly designed for Pros?' It's really, inside, a different computer. 

"Could they engineer a whole new computer within that’s all the things we love about iMac...but really make it another computer.

"And like all of our products, we have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it, but the truth will be: what do customers tell us? I can’t wait. They’re using it. They’re applying it and telling us what things it’s best at, and where they get the most value from it. And we’re all going to learn together once it’s out there."

"This is always the most exciting moment," concluded Schiller. "It truly is. A whole new product. Nobody’s used it yet in the real world, and they’re about to, and what are we all going to learn? That’s probably one of the most fun moments in any product launch."

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