First foldable Apple iPhone looks drastically different in stunning new video

As LG Display is tapped as a supplier of foldable iPhone panels, take a peek at what the handset might look like

Foldable iPhone concept
(Image credit: Svyatoslav Alexandrov/ ConceptsiPhone)

Apple has been rumored to be working on a foldable iPhone for a while now, with the general consensus being that – if it ever sees the light of day – it'll echo the clamshell form factor of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Moto Razr. It seems those rumors are becoming more concrete now, with Apple reportedly contracting LG Display for a foldable iPhone model set to launch in 2023. 

According to industry insiders, Apple's first foray into foldables isn't going to happen for a couple of years, and that's the best case scenario. Apple was said to be testing foldable iPhone prototypes last year that featured Samsung panels. Last month, it was rumored that there were two models being tested; one of which was the clamshell design, and the other resembling Microsoft’s Surface Duo, with a dual screen and hinge set-up. 

The latest tidbit from The Korea Times (via TechRadar) suggests Apple is bringing LG on board as well as Samsung, as a supplier of foldable displays for whatever its final design happens to be. One recent concept video envisions the foldable iPhone along the lines of the Galaxy Z Fold, with a 6.3-inch outer display, and 8-inch inner panel. You can check out the video by Svyatoslav Alexandrov for ConceptsiPhone below. 

Because of its limitations when it comes to capacity, Korea Times' source says LG will be a secondary supplier alongside Samsung. Having a wider pool of resources means less risk should parts dry up, or a particular company run into issues, as well as possibly reducing costs.

Samsung is dominating foldable right now, and if Apple is waiting another two years before it joins the party, the tech should be less iffy but the competition will be tough. Samsung also has a massive head start, so Apple could be in with a chance to edge into its territory if the wait pays off; but given that its iPhones tend to lag behind Android when it comes to some key features, with even the iPhone 12 still sporting a 60Hz display, we're dubious. But there are enough fans of the brand that Apple shouldn't struggle too much, unless it really biffs it.    

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