Apple event with iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air set for these two dates, says leaker

Save the date: the Apple Spring event is coming in mid-April 2022 with new iPhones and Macs

Tim Cook presenting during an Apple keynote, on black background, with multicoloured Apple logo beside him
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Apple's Spring Event 2022 is nearly here, and that means we're starting to put the tendons of truth onto the skeleton of speculation and the, er, limbic system of leaks. Something like that. We're pretty sure we know what's coming, and now we're pretty sure we know when it's coming too thanks to iDropnews's calculations. Save the date for 19th April, or maybe 12th April if most predictions are on the late side.

So that's the date sorted. What about the toys? We're expecting to see the iPhone SE 3 5G, and according to well-connected Apple watcher Mark Gurman we'll see some new Macs too.

MacBook Pro brains in a Mac mini case

Gurman predicts that we'll see a refreshed iPad Air with a more powerful A-series chip, and at least one new Mac with M1 silicon inside – an integrated chip like the one in the 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1, 2020). There was some speculation that that device would be a Mini-LED iMac but that appears to have been put back (or the leakers were overly optimistic). That means a refreshed Mac mini is much more likely.

We're still hoping that the AirPods Pro 2 make an appearance in April: it's probably an optimistic timeframe but it's a fast-moving market sector, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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