Best Mac Mini deals for May 2024

Apple's smallest and cheapest Mac is a compelling choice – here are the best Mac Mini deals going

Best Mac Mini deals 2023, image shows Mac mini held in hands
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If you're in the market for the best Mac Mini deals of 2023, we've got them all for you in this comprehensive deals guide. The Mac Mini is the perfect way to get macOS for as cheaply as possible, and the compact computer can plug right into your existing monitor and keyboard.

With the recent addition of the Mac Mini with Apple M1 processor, it's gone from being quite fast to a pint-sized powerhouse, while still being the cheapest Mac you can buy. That's why it's only growing in popularity as more people work from home and want a small-impact computer option.

Below we've collected the best deals on the Mac Mini this month from the top retailers on the market. If you need a Mac laptop instead, don't forget we've got guides to the best MacBook Pro deals and best MacBook Air deals!

Mac Mini: The specs

At 7.7 inches (19.7 cm) square and just 1.4 inches (3.6 cm) deep, the Mac Mini hardly seems like a computer at all. The minimalist design with all sockets hidden at the back mean it's one of the most stylish gadgets Apple make. As a trendy metallic square for your home office, it looks the part and is rugged too.

Small and powerful, there's little the Mac Mini can't do for general users and a lot it can do for pro users with a few upgrades. You can actually spec the Intel version of the Mac Mini to a pretty high level (for an extra price of course), and it's a perfect option for some.

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