Android left behind as iPhone 13 posts incredible benchmark win

The latest iPhone 13 benchmark will leave Apple fans grinning from ear to ear, and Android users looking on in envy

iPhone 13 beating Android
(Image credit: Apple)

With one day left until iPhone 13 hits store shelves Apple phone users have just received some very good news. And, for users of even the best Android phones, it is not pretty reading.

That's because the iPhone 13 Pro Max has just gone and posted battery benchmark scores that not only back up Apple's claim that the range boasts excellent battery life, but scores that also leave all Android handsets in the dust.

The benchmark chart in question was posted by well-known phone leakster Ice universe, with the chart originally coming from Chinese social media site Weibo. It shows phones from the iPhone 13 range being tested against rivals in terms of battery life.

The chart shows that in a series of tests the iPhone 13 Pro Max came out top of the pile in terms of remaining battery life. What makes that number one position even more incredible, though, is that it was achieved with the handset's screen running at 120Hz, which is a tech Apple has only just implemented in its handsets.

For example, in the first image you can see that after testing (in the red color box) the iPhone 13 Pro Max had 35 per cent battery life left, which is way above the next closest Android rival at just 22 per cent.

This means that, overnight, Apple has swept all other devices before it and become the 120Hz phone battery life king. Apple has managed to out-implement Android in terms of the adoption of 120Hz, with the iPhone 13 flagship running longer with the screen feature enabled.

All of which just very firmly hits the ball back into Android's court, and especially Samsung's who is now gearing up for the release of its next flagship phone series, the Samsung Galaxy S22, which has already been beaten according to leaked benchmarks in terms of processor performance. The pressure it is fair to say is now very much on.

For Apple phone users, though, and especially those who are about to receive their iPhone 13 pre order, things are looking very rosy indeed.

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