I'm excited to see the iPhone 13 obliterate all other competition

Unlimited power!

iPhone 13
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After Apple announced the iPhone 13 earlier this week, the camera quickly took the spotlight as the star of the show. Now though, details have begun to emerge about the iPhone 13 Pro's capabilities - specifically, its processor power - and it's something certainly to get excited about.

Let's start with arguably one of the device's biggest competitors - the Samsung Galaxy S21. Going off the best specs that the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G currently offers, the single-core CPU performance comes in with a Geekbench 5 benchmark score of 927, whereas the iPhone 13 Pro powering iOS 15 on an A15 system-on-chip land at 1734, representing a whopping 87% jump. Switching to the multi-core benchmark and the Galaxy earns a score of 3096. Once again the iPhone 13 Pro smokes this at 4818, nearly 56% higher than its rival. It's very impressive. 

These scores were all listed via comparison cross-platform tool Geekbench, where the iPhone 13 Pro has been posted under the name iPhone14,2. This is presumed to be the Pro due to the storage amount listed. Geekbench awarded the new Apple model a GPU score of 14216, an incredible 107% rise over the Galaxy S21 (this was compared to an OpenOCL score from the Samsung so please note there may be a slight discrepancy due to the difference in tech). 

Naturally, people want to know how the smartphone matches up against its predecessor.... unsurprisingly, very well. The single-core CPU score for iPhone 12 Pro equates to 1575, meaning that the iPhone 13 sees a 10% jump in power, while the multi-core goes even further at 25% with the iPhone 12 Pro earning a score of 3858 going off its score of 3858. Picking one an iPhone 13 up on day one is likely to show a noticeable jump, one I'm excited to get my hands on and take full advantage of.

Finally, the GPU for the iPhone 12 Pro arrives at a still respectable 9123. It's just not enough to keep up with the aforementioned iPhone 13 Pro's 14216, showing more than double the power at around 55%. Apple's processing power is pretty untouchable at this point. 

The iPhone 13 Pro is available to pre-order right now from £949/$999/AU$1,699 and will begin to ship globally from 24th September, 2021. 

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