Amazon's latest Echo device is the Echo Button enabling interactive games with Alexa

Amazon reveals a new Echo device just in time for Christmas

Amazon has been busy creating yet more devices for a new 'Alexa Gadgets' range. 

The first of these devices to be launched is the Echo Button, a two-pack product that enables you to play games through your existing Amazon Echo device. Echo Buttons are shipping immediately, so can get them in time for Christmas. 

The buttons illuminate and can be pressed as part of multiplayer and single-player games. 

The games are downloadable from the Alexa Skills store and Trivial Escape Tap, Party Foul and Button Monte are available at launch. More are coming soon, including Dungeon Escape, Don’t Cut That Wire, and Beat the Intro. 

Buy the Amazon Echo buttons for £19.99 now

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Buy the Amazon Echo buttons for £19.99 now