Amazon Prime Day Walmart Deal: 70" Sony TV for almost HALF PRICE

Reward yourself for rolling out of bed in time this Monday

amazon prime day sony bravia walmart TV deal
(Image credit: Sony)

Wow! Amazon Prime Day has landed but surprisingly (not) enough Walmart went the extra mile to undercut its big rival on their special day. This flat panel TV deal does worth a second look, almost half price for a beauty such as this Sony Bravia 70" TV. 

The Sony Bravia X830F uses the X1 4K HDR processor which enhances depth, textures and natural colors. To translate this to plain English, whatever you're watching will look way better than watching the same thing on your run-of-the-mill TV. Popping colors, great contrast, deep blacks and sharp highlights. The processor also upscales non-Ultra HD content to wonderful 4K resolution.

The Sony Bravia X830F comes with built-in smart Google Assistant. Turn your TV into a smart home hub and control your connected smart devices using nothing but your voice. Just use the remote's microphone to ask questions, navigate to your favorite channels and much more.

On top of this, the Sony Bravia X830F just looks good. Wires are kept inside the TV giving it a clean and sophisticated feel. Sony's soft minimalist approach really encompasses the essence of how a well-designed TV should look like. It's all about technology living in harmony with its environment.

Sony 70" Class Bravia X830F Series 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV | Now $829 | Was $1529 | Save $700

Sony 70" Class Bravia X830F Series 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV | Now $829 | Was $1529 | Save $700
Sony Bravia 70" X830F Series 4K Ultra HD TV with Motionflow XR technology for enhanced clarity. Enjoy vivid colors and non-HD content upscaled to 4K thanks to the X1 4L HDR processor. Now $700 off, a real steal at this price!

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