Amazon Prime Day Panda mattress topper deal is a dream

This gel-infused memory foam topper is almost as good as a brand new mattress

Panda The Topper mattress topper
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If you've been plagued by an uncomfortable bed, but can't afford a new mattress right now, we've found the perfect deal for you: Panda's The Topper is currently 13% off at Amazon. Made with gel-infused memory foam and a breathable bamboo cover, this is one of the best mattress toppers around. It can transform a bumpy old bed into a nighttime delight, and has earned 4.7* out of 5 over 1k+ reviews. 

This Amazon Prime Day deal knocks the price of a double down to £138.59. However, before you buy, you should know that today's shopping event is also a great time to pick up a deal from some of the best mattress brands around, so if you've been thinking about investing, it's worth looking at the current offers before going for a mattress topper instead.

Panda The Topper mattress topper | Get 13% off at Amazon | Now from £139.95

Panda The Topper mattress topper | Get 13% off at Amazon | Now from £139.95
The Panda Topper can add the benefits of memory foam to any old, tired mattress. It's made from Panda's 3rd-gen foam, which is gel-infused to effectively relieve pressure points and keep you comfy and supported all night. There's also a natural temperature-regulating bamboo cover.

Looking for something cheaper? There's also 13% off the SilentNight Airmax 600 mattress topper at Amazon right now. 

You need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this deal. Not a member yet? Sign up for a free trial now (you can always cancel before your 30 days is up if it doesn't suit you).

This original Panda memory foam bamboo mattress topper adds a layer of orthopedic support to any mattress. The hydro foam includes beads of cooling gel to regulate temperature and prevent overheating. The naturally hypoallergenic bamboo cover is silky soft, removable and washable, too. An anti-slip layer ensures it grips to your current mattress, and elastic straps further hold it in place. Panda also makes our top-rated best pillow right now. 

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