Last chance: Philips Series shavers up to £230 off until midnight

From a Series 9000 facial shaver down to a Series 3000 testicular one, these are some razor-sharp deals

Philips shaver deals male grooming

Wise shoppers will know that nobody in their right mind pays full price for any bathroom or grooming product made by Philips or Braun. Today yet more proof arrives in the shape of a one-day Amazon sales frenzy offering cheap deals on Philips shavers and groomers from the entry level Series 3000 to the premium and Best electric razor chart-topping Series 9000. Let's start with that…

• Philips Series 9000 S9531/26 Wet and Dry electric shaver with SmartClean Plus System and trimmer (phew). RRP £390 now £160, save £230 at Amazon.

This is just one of a whole raft of bank holiday sales deals currently on offer at Amazon. Head to Amazon's Philips Deals landing page and you'll find further big reductions on Philips shavers. There are several cheaper options for your face, the Series 7000 hair clipper for your head, and the Series 3000 Body Groomer for your, um, other 'parts'.

Literally head-to-toe grooming solutions are on offer today

Philips Series 9000 electric shaver

Philips Series 9000 Electric Shaver with charge-and-clean dock and clip-on beard trimmer | £160 | was £390
Nobody other than rich people in a hurry, in airports, would pay the full £390 RRP for this but £160 is better than the average discount. It might hit £140 or so on Amazon Prime Day but that's not for a while yet. This is the full English breakfast of shaving, with a dock that cleans and charges and a stick-on beard trimmer for razor-sharp sideburns. Those are of questionable added value but t he main event, the Series 9000 shaver itself, is about the best you can get. Just gently rub its array of three circular foils on your face and your stubble will disappear as if by magic, with minimal discomfort.

The Series 9000 is adept at removing up to three days of growth, thanks to its V-Track PRO Precision Blades and octo-directional ContourDetect heads. These really come into their own when doing tricky areas such as your neck. You can choose from 3 different intensity levels – especially useful for those with sensitive skin. 

The package includes a smart click trimmer, SmartClean Plus clean 'n' charge system and – yes! –  a 'travel pouch'.