Get Amazon's Fire TV Stick with Alexa for just £19.99 in this in this Prime Day-beating streaming deal

Instantly upgrade your TV with every major streaming service, including Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and UK catch-up TV – plus Alexa voice control is built in

Amazon Fire TV Stick deal
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If you have an older smart TV, it's not guaranteed to get updates that include the latest streaming services (or improvements to the ones you get already). Your TV might also start to feel slow when you're trying to navigate apps.

A new streaming stick can fix all that, and Amazon has made its Fire TV Sticks dirt cheap right now, which we're all grateful for in this time of desperate home entertainment need. 

The Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K have both had their prices slashed to the kind of level you normally only see on Prime Day.

• Buy Amazon Fire TV Stick | Was £39.99 | Now £19.99 at Amazon UK
• Buy Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K | Was £49.99 | Now £29.99 at Amazon UK

Both of these devices offer an intuitive interface for browsing a huge selection of essential apps, from Netflix to Disney+ to iPlayer to ITV Player to Apple TV to (unsurprisingly) Amazon Prime Video.

You can use the included remote to find what you want, but the remote also has a microphone built in for Alexa control, so you can request what you want to watch just by asking (and can also control your lights and other smart home gear).

The cheaper stick supports Full HD video only, but the 4K version supports Ultra HD and all kinds of HDR, so is a great pairing with even higher-end TVs, despite being such a bargain.

Amazon Fire TV Stick | Was £39.99 | Now £19.99 at Amazon UK

Amazon Fire TV Stick | Was £39.99 | Now £19.99 at Amazon UK
Need more streaming services on your TV? Just plug this in and open up a whole new world of stuff to watch! The stick plugs directly into your TV's HDMI port, and it gets power over a USB cable (which can also be from your TV). Alexa is built into the remote, making it easy to ask for what you want – but the interface is simple to navigate too. Perfect for HD TVs.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K | Was £39.99 | Now £19.99 at Amazon UK

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K | Was £39.99 | Now £19.99 at Amazon UK
This has all the advantages of the stick above, but will the added bonus of 4K HDR video output. It supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ elite forms of HDR, so it's a match for top-quality screens even at this low price. Dolby Atmos is also supported for a real home cinema 3D audio experience.

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