Cheap 4K TV deal: save up to 50% on Philips 4K TVs at Currys and

These excellent 4K TV deals give you modern specs and full HDR support starting under £500 for 55 inches!

Philips 4K TV deal
(Image credit: Philips)

If you're looking for a bargain 4K TV deal, now is the perfect time, because there's up to 50% off Philips' great mid-range LCD TVs at Currys and

Philips makes some top-value TVs, packing them with features including support for all HDR formats (some high-end TVs don't even include this!), smart features, and Philips' unique Ambilight.

• Buy Philips 50PUS8204 50-inch 4K TV | Save 50% | Now £399 at Currys
• Buy Philips 55PUS6754 55-inch 4K TV | Save £150 | Now £399 at
• Buy Philips 55PUS8204 55-inch 4K TV | Save 34% | Now £499 at Currys
• Buy Philips 65PUS8204 65-inch 4K TV | Save 19% | Now £649 at Currys

These are all really strong mid-range TV options – you get solid HDR performance (especially for the reduced price) and vibrant colours, premium design that looks great in any room, sharp 4K images, and that Ambilight, which spreads the colour of what's on-screen over the walls around the TV.


Philips 50PUS8204 50-inch 4K TV | Save 50% | Now £399 at Currys
This is a great buy for the price – it features Philips' P5 picture processing engine for handling motion and upscaling excellently, and this is on-par with sets that cost many times more. There's dimming of the backlight for better contrast, and support for both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision makes the most of that. This set has Android TV for smart features, which means great app support. And three-sided Ambilight spreads colours from whatever you're watching onto the wall, adding ambiance.


Philips 55PUS6754 55-inch 4K TV | Save £150 | Now £399 at
This gives you more inches of TV than the above set, for the same price – but to get there, it includes a less advanced image processor and has a simpler smart system, without such comprehensive app support (though it has all the staples of streaming and catch-up TV, of course). It's still 4K, still supports both fancy HDR types, and still has Ambilight – but won't handle upscaling of HD footage quite as well. If you want the most TV for the least money, it's a good buy, but if you can spare an extra £100, it's worth looking at the next option here…


Philips 55PUS8204 55-inch 4K TV | Save 34% | Now £499 at Currys
This is the same as the first TV we mentioned – advanced P5 image processor, Android TV smart platform, 4K, all types of HDR supported, Ambilight – but with a 55-inch screen. It's a seriously good price for a modern featureset and generous screen size.


Philips 65PUS8204 65-inch 4K TV | Save 19% | Now £649 at Currys
Yep, this is the same as the TV immediately above, but with a a bigger 65-inch screen. It has all the same smarts and features. £150 more for an upgrade to 65 inches is pretty good value compared to most TVs, and the quality of upscaling and motion handling from the P5 processor will mean it makes the most of the bigger panel.

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