LAST CHANCE: Amazon Prime Day deals on Echo Show devices slash up to 50% off

Amazon Prime Day may be drawing to a close, but Echo Show devices are still reduced in price. Get them while you can!

Amazon Prime Day Echo Show
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Amazon Prime Day is drawing to a close in the UK! If you've not already done so, prepare to snap up great deals on all sorts of incredible stuff tomorrow, saving everything from hundreds of pounds on electronics to a bit of money on household essentials. You need to be checking out the best Amazon Prime Day deals before they're gone.

However, Amazon is still dropping Prime Day deals like nobody's business, and right now the entire range of Echo Show devices is currently discounted.

Amazon's Echo Show devices are the best smart home hubs on the market today, combining everything that makes its Echo smart speakers great, along with a versatile touchscreen tech.

Perfect for streaming videos, watching the news, making video calls to friends and family, following recipes, listening to music and controlling your home's smart home devices, each Echo Show unlocks a bucket-load of functionality.

And, right now, the Echo Show, Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 are all available with enormous price cuts right now at Amazon. You can see the full details of the deals below:

Amazon Echo Show 5 | Was: £79.99 | Now: £39.99

Amazon Echo Show 5 | Was: £79.99 | Now: £39.99
The most compact Echo Show comes with a 5-inch screen, which makes it great for fitting into even the smallest of rooms. It is available in black and white colourways, along with free delivery, for just £39.99, which is a straight 50% price cut from its regular price of £79.99.

Amazon Echo Show 8 | Was: £119.99 | Now: £59.99

Amazon Echo Show 8 | Was: £119.99 | Now: £59.99
One step up in terms of size from the Show 5 is the Amazon Echo Show 8, which delivers an 8-inch touchscreen. A larger screen and stereo speakers make the Show 8 a great all-rounder, and the ideal smart home hub for many people. Now reduced by £30 down to £59.99 from £119.99. That's another stellar 50% discount.

Amazon Echo Show | Was: £219.99 | Now: £179.99

Amazon Echo Show | Was: £219.99 | Now: £179.99
Finally, we've got the original and largest Echo Show. This smart home hub (which is now on its 2nd generation) delivers a  large 10-inch HD screen and powerful set of stereo speakers with 2-inch premium drivers. This Show is ideal for large rooms and kitchens where following recipes will be very important. Now reduced by an impressive £40 down to £179.99 with free delivery.

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