Amazon Echo Dot speakers get big price cuts ahead of Black Friday

Amazon's Black Friday bonanza continues as the Echo Dot smart speaker gets its price slashed

Echo Dot black friday
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At T3, we've got nearly half a decade's experience unearthing the very best Black Friday deals. One of our favorite categories to discover deals is inside the sprawling range of the very best smart speakers. And, as fate would have it, we've just stumbled across some mega-savings to be had on the Amazon Echo Dot range of smart speakers. 

The Alexa-powered crop of Echo Dot devices is now near-synonymous with what we've come to conceptualize as the ultimate smart speaker experience. Always an enduring presence in the sector, the ever-popular line of Echo Dot smart speakers is able to compete with newer devices and finds itself in fine fettle amongst a very busy sector. 

With Black Friday deals hitting floodlike levels, we simply couldn't let this one slip by without escorting it to our pick of the best deals. So, here below, feast your eyes on some walloping price cuts that need to be acted on before they vanish into thin air. You know what to do.

The good news doesn't stop there, either: those Black Friday price cuts extend across a range of Amazon Echo Dot speakers, which means you get to pick and choose from a selection of different bargains depending on what features you require. We've even got a helpful guide that shows how the different Echo generations stack up against each other, as we know it can get confusing with each new generation that gets released. 

Echo Dot (4th gen) | Was: £49.99 | Now: £29.99 | Saving: £20

Echo Dot (4th gen) | Was: £49.99 | Now: £29.99 | Saving: £20
A tantalizingly generous 40% discount is to be had here on the Echo Dot (4th gen). Perhaps Amazon's most popular Alex-powered smart speaker, the Echo Dot 4th gen looks smart with your home's decor, while the speaker itself delivers crisp vocals and a well-balanced bass for a full-bodied sound. At £29.99, it's hard to argue with this in terms of sheer value for money, but don't expect the deal to last so be quick. 

Echo Dot (3rd gen) | Was: £39.99 | Now: £21.99 | Saving: £18

Echo Dot (3rd gen) | Was: £39.99 | Now: £21.99 | Saving: £18
Once again, another staggeringly good deal from Amazon in which it has knocked 45% off the original asking price. This deal is for the Echo Dot (3rd gen); and while it may be older, it still holds its own against the newer generations with its smarts. We're also huge fans of the petite size, which means it can be placed just about anywhere without it getting in the way. Take note as well of the fabric design, plus the ability to use voice commands to take control of your smart home with Alexa. The time is now to make that purchase.

Echo Dot Kids (4th) | Was: £59.99 | Now: £39.99 | Saving: £20

Echo Dot Kids (4th) | Was: £59.99 | Now: £39.99 | Saving: £20
And, you know what, we just couldn't leave this deal out, either. With a hefty 33% discount, this all-new Echo Dot (4th gen) is designed for children, features parental controls, and comes in a pretty gnarly animal-themed design. Not only is it cute and clever, the Echo Dot retains all of the smarts from the standard 4th gen version but adds some easy-to-use parental controls for good measure. Parents can set daily time limits, filter explicit songs, and review activity in the Amazon Parent Dashboard. With a £20 saving, what better time than now to get your kids safely connected with the Echo Dot.

If you're still toing and froing between which Amazon Echo Dot to pick up from the selection above, then expedite that thinking process because smart speakers are always quick to go once the deals are activated and live. 

Either one of the Echo Dot speakers above will give you a fantastic hub to sync up your smart home, like a nerve center for all your smart devices. They fit perfectly into small spaces and now is as good a time as ever to get one while they're in receipt of a blazing discount. Godspeed.

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