A Blink Video Doorbell for under £100, at last

Budget model to join the Blink line for 2018

Blink has announced that it will release a new Video Doorbell in 2018 which is priced at an affordable level, something which many current models fail to offer.

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The Blink Video Doorbell, which will be showed off at CES 2018, will cost just $99 which translates to about £74. Despite that low price tag it will come packing all the specs you’d expected from the future of doorbells.

The Blink Video Doorbell will offer an HD video feed to your smartphone so you can see who is ringing on your doorstep. There are also motion activated alerts making it good for security too. This video includes night vision so it won’t matter the time of day, everything will still be clear. Beyond that, you’ll also be able to talk with the visitor thanks to two-way audio. Of course it’s also IP65 water resistant so it’ll survive out on your doorstep no matter the weather thrown at it’s plastic shell.

Another major advantage of Blink over the competition is the ease of installation. The Blink Video Doorbell takes two AA lithium batteries which are easy to replace after their two years of use is up. The Video Doorbell is installed wirelessly so all you need to do is pop in the batteries, connect to your Wi-Fi network and then place it wherever you like. There is also the option to connect it to your existing doorbell chime so as to save even more battery life.

The only downside here is that Blink has announced a UK release date yet. Here’s hoping we learn more after CES 2018 in January.

Luke Edwards

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