Google Pixel 7 or Samsung Galaxy? Google Lens can't seem to decide...

I'm a phone expert – and can see the difference between a Pixel 7 and Galaxy S21. But Google Lens can't (well, not always)...

Google Pixel 7 screengrab from teaser video
(Image credit: Google)

Google teased its Pixel 7 phone series at Google I/O on 11th May 2022 – an announcement I did not expect, but certainly an exciting one nonetheless. In the hours since then, I have – just like any phone-savvy technology reporter – been falling over myself to find out more about the incoming handsets. 

Google even has its official Pixel 7 page live on Google Store (way, way ahead of the expected October release date). Looking to grab an image for a story from that source, I fumbled into a Google Lens selection and, uh oh, even Google's own recognition tool isn't totally sure whether it's a Pixel 7 or a... Samsung Galaxy S21.

Now, I'm not saying the two devices look in any way similar – heck, the Pixel 7 isn't even real in a tangible form just yet – but after the extensive Google I/O 2022 keynote banging on about AI and machine learning, I couldn't help but chuckle that Google's standout incoming flagship for 2022 could be mistaken for, er, 2021's key Korean competitor? 

Pixel 7 or S21? Google Lens isn't sure

(Image credit: Google / Mike Lowe)

So which is it, Google?

You can see my screengrab above. Sure, I know, some of the associated images sourced are actually of the Pixel 6, so Google Lens is on the right track some of the time. And, in fairness, I've run various other screengrabs and there's no fooling Google Lens if the prominent 'G' logo is included.

Besides, the Pixel 7 series will be a whole different deal to Samsung's next steps. Google has already confirmed there will be an all-new Tensor chipset inside, bringing its two new phones – there's a Pro model in addition to the Pixel 7, of course – into the next generation. Plus a new aluminium (or aluminum, if you're from over the pond) build and camera enclosure. Very fancy. 

I would speculate more on what to expect, but now I need to go down a rabbit hole of getting Google Lens to tell me things are not what they actually are. I may be quite some time... 

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