5 reasons you should own a watch roll

Looking for a way to protect your precious timepiece? A watch roll is the answer

rapport london three watch roll
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In today's day and age, many of us rely on the best watches to keep our timing in check whilst looking effortlessly stylish at the same time. With this brings another trend - the increasing reliance on watch rolls for protecting these valuable timepieces. So far, we've rated dozens in our best watch roll guide, so have a great idea of what makes a good one. 

As T3's Luxury Watches Month is taking place throughout April, we thought we'd start looking into the best watch rolls. We've already explained what watch rolls are for, but now it's time to show you why it's so important to own one. 

1. It protects your timepiece 

One of the main benefits of a watch roll is that it's the best way to protect your precious timepiece. They're great at stopping dirt and dust from reaching your watch, and preventing any scratches from happening as well. 

Leather watch rolls are particularly good at deterring any damage, but you also want to pay attention to the interior. Soft materials, such as silk or microfibre, are really gentle on the delicate surface areas of your timepieces, especially when on the move. The Lucrin Watch Case is a great example of this, offering a nice balance of a soft interior and high protection. 

Lucrin watch case

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2. It makes travelling a lot easier 

Unlike bulky watch boxes, watch rolls are great for travelling due to their compact and lightweight design. You can easily chuck it in your hand luggage knowing your watch is safe, giving you one less thing to worry about when rushing around the airport. 

If you travel a lot, go for a sturdy watch roll such as the Aspinal of London Travel Watch Roll. It will protect your watch in transit and keep it in one place, making it harder to lose. 

Aspinal of London

(Image credit: Aspinal of London)

3. It makes it easy to access your watches

The accessibility of a watch roll is a game-changer for many people, especially if you own multiple watches. With individual compartments, you can access a specific watch without having to unpack and rearrange everything in sight.

If this appeals to you, take a look at the Bennett Winch Watch Roll. It has space for three watches, all of which are secured by three solid brass poppers. 

Watch roll

(Image credit: Bennett Winch)

4. It enhances your dressing area

A watch roll isn't just about protection, it's about presentation as well. There's no doubt that a stylish watch roll adds a touch of sophistication when showcasing your watch collection, especially as they're often made from luxury materials. Our favourite has to be the Smythson Panama Watch Roll for this, and you could even pair it with a matching Smythson suitcase. 

Of course, if you've got a collection of automatic watches, a watch roll won't keep them wound and ticking. For that you'll need one of the best watch winders.

Smythson Panama Watch Roll

(Image credit: Smythson)

5. It keeps you stylish 

Last but not least, the stylish and timeless look of many watch rolls makes them the perfect accessory for any watch enthusiast. A lot of watch rolls these days come with a variety of design options to choose from, making it easier than ever to find the perfect one for your personal style.

Our favourite timeless watch roll has to be the Ellipse London Watch Roll. It comes in Noir, Icon, Evergreen and Midnight, and each colour sports a different lining pattern. 

Ellipse London Watch Roll Noir

(Image credit: Ellipse London)

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