What are watch rolls for?

Watch rolls: what are they and what are they used for?

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If you're just getting into watches and are new to watch collecting in general, you may have heard the term watch roll before but might not be too certain on what they are or what they're used for.

Well, luckily we've rated dozens in our best watch roll guide and used them plenty in the past, so have a great idea of what makes a good watch roll.

Watch rolls are, simply, the ultimate way to protect watches from getting scratched or broken. They're great at stopping dirt and dust from ruining your shiny timepiece. There are two types of watch roll, simple canvas or leather wraps, or structured hard cases. Head over to our buying guide for more information and help to decide which watch roll is best for you, but first, here are three reasons you should consider buying a watch roll.

1. Travelling

Travelling with a watch can be perilous, especially if you're travelling with multiple watches, but it is made a lot easier with a watch roll. A sturdy watch roll will protect your watches in transit and keep them in one place, which makes them harder to lose. Even if you're travelling with one watch it's a good idea to travel with a watch roll – I have one at the top of a backpack and slip my watch into it when I have to remove it at airport security.

2. Storage

Even if you don't travel regularly, a watch roll can be a perfect place to store your treasured timepiece at home. They're often made from luxury materials, so it makes retrieving your watch a pleasurable experience. It will also stop them from getting dusty or scratched. Of course, if you've got a collection of automatic watches a watch roll won't keep them wound and ticking, for that you'll need one of the best watch winders.

3. Gifting

If you've got someone watch-mad in your life and want to treat them but can't quite stretch the prices in our best watches to invest in guide, then a watch roll is a perfect, thoughtful gift. You could even get it personalised with their initials or a special message. Then, every time they go to get their watch, they'll think of you.

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