5 reasons why I’m upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 7

It may not be the new design I expected but there’s lots of reasons why I’m upgrading to the new Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 in green
(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Watch 7 was introduced back in September alongside the new iPhone 13, iPad mini 6 and iPad 10.2-inch 9th Gen. And while all of these devices have now launched, the pre-orders for the Apple Watch only opened yesterday, with availability from October 15.

Having this time since the event has given me time to focus on the iPhone 13 range, which is excellent, and also ponder if the Watch is also worth the upgrade. Like the iPhone, the general look of the watch isn’t a massive departure from the Series 6, but I think even from this it makes a worthy upgrade.

Obviously, the Series 7 Apple Watch will be better – as every upgrade is – but a yearly upgrade can be harder to justify than one from an older model. I was happy with my Series 4 but the Series 6 was a massive jump, not least because of that always-on screen. Here’s why I think the Series 7 deserves the upgrade, whichever model you currently have.

1. That large screen

The screen on the Apple Watch Series 7 is 20% bigger than last year’s model, which is an impressive move, considering the case itself is only fractionally larger. This has been achieved by really slimming down those bezels. So much so that it barely has a border at all. If you’re upgrading from an older model, this will be even more noticeable.

2. Brighter always-on display

While I had got used to flicking my wrist to activate the screen of my Apple Watch Series 4, I didn’t realize how good the always-on screen of the Series 6 was. Being able to glance at the watch without having to tap it or flick your wrist is much more natural. The Series 7 provides a brighter screen when your wrist is down, so you can see it even clearer.

3. Quicker charging

I’m pretty good at remembering to put my Apple Watch on its charger at night, so that it’s good to go the next day. Though this does mean that I’m not making use of the sleep tracking functions. The Series 7 charges 33% faster and will take around 45 minutes for an 80% charge. This means that I could keep my watch on all night and then just charge it while I’m getting ready for my day.

Even if my watch is almost out of charge by the end of the day, to get enough charge for eight hours of sleep tracking takes just 8 minutes. So a quick top up while getting ready for bed would do it.

4. More durable design

While I’ve never cracked the screen of my Apple Watch, I have managed to scratch one. The Apple Watch Series 7 uses a thicker front crystal to protect that larger display that is more resilient to cracks. It also boasts IP6X dust protection and a 50-meter water resistance.

5. New colors

The aluminum model now comes in five colors including a midnight black, blue, deep forest green, a starlight silver and the (Product) Red. The green is a really unique color that I’ve not seen on an Apple Watch before and is sure to sound out. The blue remains my favorite choice though, and after playing it safe with black last time, this is where I’m heading.

Mat Gallagher

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