4 reasons why I shop certified refurbished to save money

How shopping certified refurbished helps you replace your old tech at low prices

How to save money with certified refurbished products
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Replacing your old laptop, kettle or phone has become much more difficult due to the cost of living price hikes. Whether your device is on its last legs or it's packed it in completely, buying a new piece of equipment is expensive as it is, even without the cost of living crunching down on our monthly bills.

I tend to use things until they break which irritates a lot of my family and friends. As a general rule, I don’t see the point in replacing anything unless it’s dead, which is a good mindset to have, especially with the new strain on our finances. However, when I do need to replace things, I initially look at what I can find certified refurbished.

Certified refurbished products are becoming more popular and a great way to save money on technology and appliances. If you’re new to certified refurbished, keep reading to find out what it means and 4 ways certified refurbished products help save money.

What does ‘certified refurbished’ mean?

Certified refurbished is a term that describes products that have been fixed and renewed by the manufacturer or third party and verified by the brand. In most cases, certified refurbished products are the result of customer returns, either because they’ve changed their minds or they found a small fault.

Once an item is returned to be refurbished, it’s professionally cleaned, fixed, tested and restored to look and work like it’s brand new. They are then given a certified refurbished stamp and resold under this title. Many manufacturers and retailers who sell certified refurbished products will have a grading system and description that lets customers know what condition it’s in, warranty status and other technician comments. For more information on the certified refurbished process, read our guide on why refurbished is as good as brand new.

Now that you know what certified refurbished means, here are my 4 reasons to shop certified refurbished and how it can save you money.

Certified refurbished

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1. Cheaper than new models

The first and most obvious reason is that certified refurbished products are a lot cheaper than newer products. As certified refurbished means the item is not ‘new’ anymore, it won’t be sold for the retail price but rather a much cheaper one, sometimes up to 90% off the original price depending on the item and where you’re shopping.

2. Professionally inspected & renewed

As the product is refurbished, inspected and tested by the manufacturer who made it, you know that you’re getting a high quality product. The quality of used products can be questionable but if they’re refurbished by a professional inspector on behalf of the company, it’ll be renewed and revitalised to the companies original standards. The refurbishment process is very thorough and the grading process and comments can be found in the description of the product, so you know what was fixed, what you can expect it to look like and how it should work.

3. Longer warranties

Depending on who you shop with and who carried out the refurbishment, certified refurbished products tend to come with a longer warranty period. Most certified refurbished items have at least a 1 year warranty but you can find some products that have 2-5 years warranty depending on the age, type and official status of the product.

4. Easy part replacements

Let’s say you have an older version of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. A specific part of it has stopped working but other than that, it’s in good condition and you don’t want to replace the whole thing. If it’s an older model, the manufacturer might have retired the product but you should still be able to find certified refurbished parts and replacements to extend the life of your product before you think about replacing it. This also helps cut down on waste and reduces your carbon footprint.

Where to shop certified refurbished

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The best places to shop certified refurbished

The most popular products to shop certified refurbished are computing equipment and appliances. Tech can be quite expensive when bought brand new so by buying certified refurbished, you save money and get a high quality product that’s been professionally fixed and tested. Laptops, vacuum cleaners and phones are the most common products you can find certified refurbished so I’d recommend looking for these if you’re due an upgrade or your device has recently broken.

My top retailers for shopping certified refurbished are eBay, Apple, Amazon and Dyson. eBay is arguably the most well known site for second hand, pre-owned and certified refurbished products. The site has a dedicated refurbishment process and grading system so you know what condition you’re getting and how it’s been restored, plus you can save up to 30% off big name brands.

For Apple products, the refurbished section of the Apple website has huge price cuts on iPhones, iPods, Macs, watches and other accessories. Amazon Renewed has tons of money-saving offers on pre-owned, refurbished and open-box products from top brands like Dell, Lenovo and Samsung. Finally the Dyson Outlet has refurbished vacuums, hair tools, air care, lighting and replacement parts that have been rigorously tested and refurbished by Dyson engineers. 

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