4 cheap early Prime Day deals to help you beat the heat this summer

Stay cool with these early Prime Day deals on cooling fans, humidifiers, and more

amazon prime day 2022 fan deals
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Summer is heating up and if you're hoping to stay cool and save money, then these early Amazon Prime Day deals on cooling fans just may do the trick. While springing for a portable AC unit is usually is the better option, if you're trying to stick to a tighter budget that these alternatives will be your best bet.

Offering a much cheaper alternative to portable AC units, grabbing a cooling fan is an excellent budget-friendly way to stay cool and beat the heat. With Prime Day 2022 just weeks away, Amazon has decided to drop a bunch of deals way ahead of schedule – including discounts on cooling fans.

1. Dreo Nomad One Tower Cooling Fan: on sale for $39.99 (10% off)

2. Lasko Wind Curve Bladeless Tower Fan: on sale for $64.99 (13% off)

3. Dreo Evaporative Air Cooling Tower Fan: on sale for $143.99 (10% off)

4. PARIS RHONE Evaporative AC/Swamp Cooler: on sale for $323.99 (10% off)

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A basic fan is a good start to keeping the air moving in your place, but in extreme cases won't do much to combat heat itself. We always try to recommend checking out a portable AC unit to keep cool during the summer, but with some of the best portable air conditioners costing upwards of $500 or more, it can be a big dent on your wallet to do so.

Trying to stick to as cheap of a budget as possible, I found the deals above to be perfect for the value. Tower fans – particularly cooling tower fans – act as a quasi-air conditioning unit that constantly keeps stagnant air moving while adding a bit of coolness to the ambient temperature. It won't be as powerful as a portable AC unit, but as a bedside or couchside option that saves both on money and energy consumption, there's no better alternative.

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The Dre Evaporative Air Cooling Tower Fan, which is currently on sale for $143.99, is probably the best bang for your buck out of the four deals here. Clocking in at just under $150, it's one of the cheapest options available that delivers the best value. As an evaporative air cooler, it uses ice packs to cool the temps down even further while it's 80 degree oscillating function keeps a wide are fresh. As a bedside or couchside unit, this is by far my favorite option of the four deals I found.

If you can spare a bit more, however, the PARIS RHONE Evaporative AC/Swamp Cooler will deliver the best experience. On sale for $323.99 as an early Prime Day deal, it does run a bit higher than the other offers listed – but for good reason.

Featuring four re-usable ice packs, it combines the best of a portable AC unit with an energy usage level that's more in line with a tower fan. This means a more efficient way of cooling both indoor and outdoor areas without hiking up your electric bill.

Of course, Amazon is offering a handful of early Prime day deals on portable air conditioners that are well worth a look. From a budget perspective, however, it's hard to justify spending upwards of $600 on one when your tight on cash.

Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals: How to Earn Prime Day Credits

With Amazon dropping deals a month ahead of schedule, they're offering a bunch of ways to save even more during the actual Prime Day sale next month. From offering extra spending cash to discounts on Prime Video, Amazon Music, and more, below are some of the best early Prime Day deals you can take advantage of right now.

Explore More, Get More This Prime Day

Explore More, Get More This Prime Day
Collect 4 stamps before July 13 and you can earn a $10 credit towards your Prime Day deal purchases. They're easy enough to get, and can be obtained by doing basic things like purchasing a Prime-eligible product to streaming a show on Prime Video. Head on over to the Prime Day landing page for the full scoop on how to earn $10 in credit today.

Prime Day Lightyear Credits

Prime Day Lightyear Credits
Purchase a movie ticket or select Lightyear merchandise before Prime Day 2022 and you'll receive an extra $5 credits towards the big event. Do both and you'll get $10, which stacks alongside the other credit giving offers Amazon has right now.

Get $20 Prime Day Credits with P&G Essentials

Get $20 Prime Day Credits with P&G Essentials
Purchase a minimum of $75 worth of P&G products and you'll receive an additional $20 worth of Prime Day 2022 credits to use during the big event. If you're already using Prime to keep yourself stocked on home goods, this is a no brainer!

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