3 things I'm looking forward to with the iPhone 15

Apple's next iPhone is just days away

iPhone 15 dummies
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With the announcement of the Apple event on the 12th of September, we now don't have to wait very long until we can get hands-on with the iPhone 15, but I'm still struggling to wait.

I've been diving into the rumours and speculation around the iPhone 15 and these are the three things I'm looking forward to when I get to spend some time with the iPhone 15. 

1. Next level zoom

Apple iPhone 14 yellow finish

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There are a whole host of rumours suggesting that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could feature a periscope lens on the camera. This would grant it a much improved optical zoom, which is far less distorted than its digital counterpart. 

Not many phones currently have a periscope camera, but if the 10x optical zoom of the Samsung S23 Ultra is anything to go by, this is almost worth the upgrade from the iPhone 14 alone. 

2. Light but strong

Alleged CAD image of iPhone 15 Pro

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The iPhone has been made using stainless steel since the iPhone 5 way back in 2012. There's plenty of talk that the new generation of devices will instead be made from titanium. 

Other than sounding very cool, this metal is actually much stronger than steel and should in fact make it overall a much lighter and more durable device. With the iPhone 14 Pro Max weighing in at a pretty hefty 250g (8.7oz), that would be a welcome change. A change in materials would also freshen up the design, although Titanium doesn't come cheap so this may be limited to the Pro and Pro Max editions. 

3. More oomph under the hood

iPhone 15 mystery chips

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Not that the iPhone 14 is particularly lacking when it comes to performance there is talk that the new iPhone could be the first to get a 3nm (nanometer) processor thanks to the expected A17 bionic chip in the iPhone 15.

Why does this matter? Well in real terms this should translate to a battery life boost, performance upgrade or perhaps even both. A 3nm chip could provide 15% more speed with the same level of power consumption or up to 30% less power consumption without harming the speed of the phone. Whichever route Apple takes, that's a big boost. And of course, USB-C will be a welcome addition.

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