3 summer skincare tips for running enthusiasts

Picked up running recently? Don't forget about your skincare!

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll be aware that running has recently emerged as a leading trend in the world of physical activity. From people documenting their journey on Strava to sharing tips for the best running shoes, there is so much advice circulating the internet. However, when it comes to running skincare, there isn't much to be found. 

After it was recently revealed that working out can significantly affect your skin, it's highlighted how important it is to look after your skin before and after exercising, and it can have a serious consequences if you don't. Yes, that includes running. 

With this in mind, I spoke to Mathilde La Marre, Director of Innovation at Patchology. Mathilde shared her advice on how runners can maintain their glow, suggesting skincare tips and tricks from head to toe.

1. Use cooling products 

Whatever the weather, a run can leave you feeling extremely warm and overheated. Whilst a post-exercise flushed face is normal, there are a few things that'll help if you want to help ease the redness. 

Mathilde explains that “applying products with soothing botanicals can help calm redness as well as sealing in hydration. A cool compress post workout will also help treat a red face quickly and effectively.” 

If this appeals to you, have you ever considered using a beauty fridge?

2. Up your hydration

Working up a sweat when running can mean your body’s losing moisture, placing you on your way to dehydrated skin. It’s key to choose products that will help keep your skin’s moisture locked in. 

Hyaluronic acid is the go-to ingredient for moisture retention,” Mathilde says, “and although ‘acid’ may sound harsh, hyaluronic acid doesn’t exfoliate the skin. It's water-loving, and can attract water, holding up to 400 times its weight in water. This it can keep your skin hydrated even if you’re sweating. “

Check out our advice on hyaluronic acid and why it's good for your skin. 

3. Treat your feat

Even with the best running shoes, it’s common for your feet to feel weary after a run. To keep your feet in tip-top condition, it’s crucial to give them the care they deserve. Dry skin is a significant challenge for runners, especially as it can lead to cracked heels and soles, both of which can cause considerable discomfort.

Mathilde explains that it's "essential to use a strong moisturiser for your feet, such as shea butter. Its high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins make it an excellent agent for softening skin. Shea butter’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties are particularly beneficial for repairing cracked and parched feet, ensuring they’re ready for your running adventures."

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