Two dumbbells, 15 minutes and this home workout is all you need to get toned arms

This simple at-home dumbbell workout uses supersets to keep time spent working out to the minimum

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At-home arm workouts are an excellent way to tone your guns in private, so you can display them in public later, and this fast and efficient exercise routine will get you in Natalie Portman in Thor-shape in no time. Better still, it also works the shoulders, so you'll look better in t-shirts, too.

Pamela Reif probably doesn't need an introduction at this point, considering she is one of the most famous fitness influencers. In fact, the below workout – titled '15 MIN UPPER BODY - with weights / for sexy arm, back & chest muscles / Male Friendly' – has been viewed nearly five million times on Youtube, probably because it uses only a couple of dumbbells and promises quick results.

You'll only need a pair of dumbbells, an exercise mat and a weight bench for this 15-minute upper body workout. if you happen to have a pair of adjustable dumbbells at hand, even better. Here is the breakdown of the exercises:

  • Warm-up
  • Arm circles (30 seconds) 
  • Chest & shoulder press (30 seconds) 
  • 15-second break 
  • Superset No.1
  • Biceps curl & shoulder press (40 seconds) 
  • Biceps curl (20 seconds) 
  • Up & down plank (30 seconds) 
  • 30-second break 
  • Superset No.2
  • Row & Bicep curls (40 seconds) 
  • Rows (20 seconds)
  • Push up (On knees) (30 seconds) 
  • 30-second break 
  • Superset No.3
  • Dips (40 seconds)
  • Triceps push-ups (20 seconds) 
  • Mountain climber (30 seconds) 
  • 30-second break
  • Cool-down
  • Shoulder circles forward (30 seconds) 
  • Flappy bird (30 seconds)  
  • Slow Up & down (30 seconds) 
  • Hold (30 seconds) 

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