Burn fat in under 20 minutes at home using only these 6 bodyweight moves

Haven't got a massive home gym? No problem – you can lose weight at home using these bodyweight moves

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HIIT training has quickly become one of the most popular forms of exercise during the pandemic. High-Intensity Interval Training – or HIIT for short – helps strengthen your core, builds stamina and, most importantly, burns calories. They've also been shown to target fat for longer, save time and improve cardiovascular health. Plus, they're loads of fun and can be done any time – even from your own living room. So grab your mat and get ready to sweat with UK's favourite, Joe Wicks.

Does J-Wiz need an introduction? I don't think so, but in case you lived under a rock for the last 2-5 tears, here's the quick run-down on everyone's favourite Joe, just to whet your appetite to do try this home workout some more: Joseph Wicks MBE is a British fitness coach who mainly specialises in HIIT and became a viral sensation during the COVID-19 pandemic as his 'PE with Joe' YouTube series helped children around the globe remain physically active during all of the lockdowns. Joe raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the NHS to support the pandemic response effort.

Check out his 6-move fat burner workout below:

How to do Joe Wicks' fast-paced HIIT workout?

In this short, intense cardio workout, you'll go through six challenging exercises that will get your heart rate pumping and your serotonin through the roof. Do these six exercises for 40 seconds each and take 20 seconds rest between each exercise, then repeat three times:

  • Rapid mountain climbers
  • Running-on-the-spot
  • Twisted side squat
  • Jumping burpee
  • Alternating lunges
  • Bear crawls 

When you’ve finished this workout, why not discover more callisthenics home exercises or full-body workouts? Or this viral home dumbbell workout that can be performed at home with only an exercise mat or set of dumbbells. If you are wondering what shoes to use for this particular exercise routine, we already have an article dedicated to the topic: which shoes are best to wear for indoor workouts?

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