Sculpt rock-solid glutes fast with this Pilates home workout

All you need is a small Pilates ball and a mat to get in shape with this T3-exclusive workout

Alo Moves Instructor Bianca Melas performing a pilates workout
(Image credit: Alo Moves/Bianca Melas)

Light your glutes on fire with this glute-focused Pilates home workout that gives you a deep burn – in a good way. Your glutes are the biggest muscles in your body, so working them burns tons of calories – plus, a strong set of glutes can help you sit and stand more easily. Not to mention, toned glutes aren't a bad sight, either...

For this workout, all you need is a small Pilates ball; or any small ball that provides some resistance when squeezed and is safe to step on. A dedicated Pilates ball is your best option, though, as it will help you with your movements and provide some resistance as you move through multiple variations of squats and lunges.

Since this class is a Pilates flow, there is no written step-by-step workout guide to accompany this workout. Instead, play the below follow-along video and let Alo Moves Instructor Bianca Melas show you how to train those glutes like a pro!

Alo Moves Instructor Bianca Melas performing a pilates workout
Bianca Melas

Bianca is an accredited Pilates instructor and certified BHSC clinical naturopath based in Sydney, Australia. To her, movement is both an outlet and a powerful tool for remaining in tune with her body. She works to empower her clients with the knowledge that movement can serve as medicine and heal the body in unimaginable ways.

Pilates Glute Burnout Workout with Bianca Melas

Like Bianca's workout? She recently launched a Pilates Glow Retreat on Alo Moves, which is a 7-day schedule of Pilates classes and self-care routines, including Gua Sha methods, Dry Brushing techniques, A healthy smoothie recipe, and so much more. Check it out on the platform here.

But wait, there is more! Check out this super-simple 4-move lower abs home workout from another Alo Moves Instructor, the talented Jade Morning. You'll be doing 45-Degree Leg Lifts, Wide Leg Crunches, Cross Body V-Ups, and Reverse Crunches; are you ready?

Yearning for even more glute-related content? No problem; we've got loads. Here are the best glute exercises to strengthen those bum muscles, like a pro or a 5-move leg day workout that uses only two dumbbells. And my personal favorite, Harley Pasternak, made a workout exclusively for T3 readers, which you can check out here: 4-move core and glute workout. Enjoy!

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