5 minutes, a resistance band and this abs workout to get a flat stomach at home

This quick ab shredder works the whole abdominal area to give you faster results

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Are you dreaming of getting a six-pack? This 5-minute abs workout can help you achieve a flatter stomach faster. You'll do 10 exercises, each for 30 seconds, and be over and done with in no time. Do this super-fast home workout before your breakfast or after a full-body workout for the best results!

This exercise routine is what's called a 'mat pilates', a simple workout that only involves an exercise mat and your body weight. For advanced exercisers, a pilates ball and resistance band can also be used to add to the difficulty. As a full-body workout, mat pilates will help strengthen your core, increase flexibility and enhance your endurance. 

This form of exercise is recommended by physiotherapists to alleviate common health conditions such as sciatica, arthritis and osteoporosis. Pilates is also a beneficial exercise to perform during and after pregnancy to strengthen abdominal and pelvic muscles.

For beginners, we recommend trying chartered physiotherapist Lilly Sabri’s 5-minute ab-shredding workout as an introduction to the principles of pilates. This short exercise only requires an exercise mat (have a look at T3's best yoga mat guide for more info), resistance band and pilates ball. The sequence of exercises are as follows:

  • Exercise 1 - Single-leg stretch with leg lift (30 seconds) 
  • Exercise 2 - Single leg stretch (30 seconds)
  • Exercise 3 - Reverse crunch/open wide legs (30 seconds) 
  • Exercise 4 - Open/close legs crunch/raised upper body (30 seconds)
  • Exercise 5 - Full roll up (Advanced variation – fingertips at your temples) (30 seconds) 
  • Exercise 6 - Bicycle with raised upper body (30 seconds) 
  • Exercise 7 - Single-leg stretch with a pilates ball under your sacrum (30 seconds) 
  • Exercise 8 - Boat pose crunches with Pilates ball under your sacrum (30 seconds)  
  • Exercise 9 - Hover hold/Arms behind head/advanced variation lower body (30 seconds) 
  • Exercise 10 - Pilates ball flutter kicks (30 seconds) 

Mastered this routine and looking to further test your abs? Try this 3-exercise abs workout to really punish your gut or this 2-minute six-pack workout and train the most neglected part of your abs. We also have a guide dedicated to the best abs workout for women and a 4-move lower abs workout for you to try!

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