3 exercises, 2 dumbbells and this home workout for toned abs and stronger core

Enhance your core muscles in just 5 minutes with this quick workout

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Core workouts can often be neglected in our fitness regime as we seek to tone and strengthen the more noticeable parts of our body, such as the biceps or glutes. Incorporating core workouts such as this one into your routine has numerous benefits, though, such as reducing lower back pain, improving posture and enhancing balance which can stop you from falling. And, of course, it can also help you get a six-pack faster.

In this video by Arizonian certified personal trainer fitness and nutrition specialist Alexia, we are shown three effective core exercises that can be repeated as many times as desired (and necessary) to achieve the desired results – toned abs and a bulletproof core. For the best results, try adding some weights, but feel free to adjust the workout to your fitness level and do the exercises without them if necessary.


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Two of these exercises require light dumbbells, which will make any core exercise more challenging and get you quicker results. We have a couple of home weight roundups (best dumbbells and best adjustable dumbbells) to get you started, in case you haven't got any just yet.

The exercises in this workout are:

  • Exercise 1- Dumbbell-equipped rotational push-up with child pose (8 repetitions on each side) 
  • Exercise 2- Dumbbell Russian twists (15 repetitions on each side)  
  • Exercise 3- Sprinter with body raise (10 repetitions on each side with 4 sets) 

Looking to expand beyond these three exercises, we have an extensive list of the best core exercises that can mostly be completed without weights. For the routines that require equipment, we have gathered together six of the best ab rollers that will work your entire core as well as your lower back.

For those who are more accustomed to core workouts, we have a 15-minute workout and tips by professional rugby player Vicky Fleetwood that will seriously sculpt and bolster your abs.

If you’re keen to diversify your core exercise regime, using a resistance band can assist with this and offer more challenging variations of exercises such as leg raises, heel touches and woodchoppers. We have assembled a great selection of the best resistance bands that are durable, portable and include other exercise attachments such as foam handles. 

In addition to resistance bands, pull-up bars also offer a relatively inexpensive option for core exercises that give you the opportunity to try at home Toes to bar, Around the world and an L hang. We’ve ranked the best pull-up bars that include free-standing, wall-mounted and door frame options.

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