This Garmin Forerunner 955 Easter egg is simply the cutest hidden feature I've ever seen

My Garmin's Morning Report had a little surprise for me on my birthday

Garmin Morning Report shown on a Forerunner 955
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

We all know that the newly-released Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar is an awesome multisport watch; In fact, it's the best triathlon watch you can buy right now. However, I'm not going to talk about any of its otherwise impressive training features here; instead, I'll share my recent discovery related to the new Morning Report feature.

Garmin is infamous for not telling people – even 'specialist' journalists such as me –about new features of its watches. Often, the best way to discover new features is to go through all the menus after the watch prompts you the software has been updated. Understandably, this is not something anyone wants to do, so chances are, some of the new features added to your watch will go unnoticed forever.

On rare occasions, however, you will stumble upon these new features without you having to do anything about it, which is exactly what happened to me the other week, on my birthday of all days, when after waking up, I noticed something peculiar about the Moring Report: it featured a little cupcake throwing confetti instead of the usual image of a mountain range.

Easter eggs like this one are rare on Garmin watches, at least as far as I'm concerned. I wish Garmin included more of them, though, as this particular nugget really brightened my day. I mean, a smiling little cupcake on my watch! Brilliant. Nothing else on the report was changed, but the animation in itself was enough to cheer me up.

Has Garmin ever included any Easter eggs in its wearables? Even if it didn't, I hope the company will add more of these in the future as it's a whole lot of fun to find them. I'm sure many running watch users were brought up playing video games and would appreciate these little bundles of joy even though they are all grown up by now.

I know I would.

As a final note, I'm sure other watches that feature the Morning Report (e.g. Garmin Forerunner 255S and the likes) will also have this Easter egg. Just in case someone thought it's a Forerunner 955-exclusive feature.

Matt Kollat
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