IWC Schaffhausen x Mercedes F1: a history of watches designed by Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff

We took a look at the pieces ahead of the British Grand Prix

A shot of Lewis Hamilton wearing an IWC watch
(Image credit: IWC Schaffhausen)

When we think of the best watches on the market, chances are you think of them in context. Many manufacturers form ties with large brands and events, becoming synonymous with them in the process.

That's especially true in Formula 1. Whether it's the TAG Heuer logo on the Red Bull car or the Rolex hoardings which surround every track, it's almost impossible to miss the impeccable timepieces on offer.

By far my favourite, though, is the pairing between the AMG Mercedes team and IWC Schaffhausen. The two brands slot seamlessly together, with strong heritage and impressive performance. Oh, and their gloves are second to none, of course.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix this weekend, we sat down to take a look at a host of the collaborative models the two brands have created over the years.

IWC Big Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar Lewis Hamilton Certanium

A watch designed by IWC and Mercedes F1

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

Starting with arguably the most important piece, this marked the first collaboration between the two brands. Produced in 2020 against the backdrop of mounting support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Hamilton proudly wore this piece on a number of occasions.

Designed to showcase his commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion in the sport, the piece – along with a standard Pilot's watch in the same hue – remains a one-of-one owned by the seven time world champion.

IWC Lewis Hamilton Big Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar edition

A watch designed by IWC and Mercedes F1

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

It's fair to say the rapid racer has a type. And to be fair, who can blame him? If there's any watch worth obsessing over, an IWC Perpetual Calendar is probably a good pick.

Designed back in 2019, Hamilton added a great deal more colour in this design with a sumptuous red hue. Offset by gold appointments – including a rare-for-the-brand gold crown – the result is simply beautiful, with a fiery character. 

It's a hue which would certainly suit Hamilton next year...

IWC Big Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar Ceratanium Edition Toto Wolff x Mercedes AMG

A watch designed by IWC and Mercedes F1

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

Taking a break from the mind of Mr Hamilton, this model is the brainchild of Team Principal, Toto Wolff. Known for his fearless leadership style and fierce forearms, Wolff opted for complete juxtaposition here, using a delicate material.

That's the dial itself – which is crafted from glass and overlaid with numerals in the signature Mercedes teal – went through seven or eight redesigns until the production run could be produced in a stable manner.

It also features a Ceratanium – a blend of Ceramic and Titanium with properties of both – case. That's a brilliant material, which echoes the boundary-pushing nature of top-tier motorsport.

IWC Portuguiser Tourbillon Retrograde Lewis Hamilton

A watch designed by IWC and Mercedes F1

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

As the most recent collaborative effort with Hamilton, this Portuguiser Tourbillon represents a true coming of age for the man. Dressed in a staggering teal which really must be seen to be believed, this watch feels like a representation of the man himself.

It is youthful, yet comes from a place of wisdom. It is stylish, but still holds an elegance. More than anything, though, it's the culmination of lifetime of dedication and hard work – a fitting tribute to one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.

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