iPhone 12 leak reveals Apple has a Galaxy S20-beating ace up its sleeve

Apple is using new tech that could make its iPhone 12 super speedy in the wireless networking department

Apple iPhone 12
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Apple is getting ahead of the competition early if this latest leak is to be believed, by kitting out its upcoming iPhone 12 with new technology that's never been utilised in a smartphone before for a faster connectivity. 

The tech giant is already reported to be looking at GaN chargers for faster and more efficient charging, along with the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo, and now it seems that it's looking towards the new 802.11ay Wi-Fi standard which offers higher speeds over shorter distances. 

802.11ay differs from the usual Wi-Fi standard that uses the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bandwidths. Instead, it uses the 60GHz band for high transfer speeds and reliability, at short range. A final specification has yet to be issued on the tech which is currently in its fifth iteration and should be fully fledged in late 2020. 

This could allow the new iPhone to connect to other nearby network-enabled devices for super fast file transfer. The first thing that springs to mind is Apple's AirDrop feature which allows users to share content with another iPhone user close-by. Samsung looks to have bested Apple on that front for now with the Galaxy S20's QuickShare feature which is similar to AirDrop, but lets you share files with up to five people at once. 802.11ay could be just the advantage Apple needs to combat that. 

The same report also states that one of the iPhone 12 variants will sport an LCD screen, although this is in direct conflict to a leak from reputable industry analsyt Ming-Chi Kuo, who says that all iPhone 12 models will boast an OLED screen, and that it's the cheaper, budget iPhone SE 2 which will feature the LCD display. 

All that being said, while it makes sense that Apple would look to connectivity, given its vision of a wireless future, it's best to take this latest rumour with a pinch of salt like all the rest of them. We'll definitely hear and see a lot more as get closer to the iPhone 12's official debut. 

Source: BGR

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