Forcing Apple to use USB-C is dangerous for technological development

Proprietary chargers are annoying, but could herald big strides forward

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Technology is a brilliant thing. In my lifetime alone, we've gone from massive home computers being a complete luxury, to a centimetre-thick slab in the pocket of every man, woman and child, with more computing power than the Apollo 11 rocket.

That scale of technological change is only possible through innovation and revolutionary design. Take the iPhone, for example. When it was released back in 2007, the idea of a touchscreen phone was ground breaking. The Motorola Razr was the hottest phone on the block, but even the fashionable appeal of that phone was no match for the Apple's brilliance.

That's why I believe the EU decision to force USB-C onto all devices is the wrong one. It's not that the Lightning connector is better than USB-C – it's not! But if technology companies don't have the option of using something different, they lose the ability to innovate and revolutionise.

Hypothetically, a phone could have been set to be released next year with a charging connection better than USB-C. Faster or more efficient, it would have revolutionised the way every device you own charges and transfers data.

But now, its gone.

And while I can appreciate the convenience of having every device use the same adapter, or the competitive advantage of a universal design, I don't think those things warrant the potential cost of technological advancement.

Apple iPhone 15: what do we know?

We've only has the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro for a few weeks, but the rumour mill surrounding the next generation of Apple's flagship phone is already in high-gear.

The iPhone 15 has already been rumoured to have USB-C connectivity, seeing the iPhone line-up join ranks with the iPad's and Macbook's. The leaked iPhone 15 Ultra concept video boasts four rear sensors amongst a host of ludicrous specifications.

Rumours persist that all iPhone 15 models will take on the infamous Dynamic Island, bringing morphing notches to the masses. 

Can't wait for the iPhone 15?

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