All iPhone 15 models could have an exciting new feature – but there's a catch

Leaked information suggests the dynamic island could become a universal feature

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro
(Image credit: Apple)


With the recent release of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro line came one standout new feature: the dynamic island.

Retiring the hardware camera notches of old, Apple has opted for a software-based design that can move or change shape depending on what app you're using. This allows the notch to control background applications, such as timers or music controls, and should take up less space when not in use, too.

It's certainly been popular, with Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (opens in new tab) suggesting that Apple has asked to switch production lines for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models, to help with strong demand for the Pro.

And that popularity should translate to more widespread adoption of the dynamic island, according to supply chain analyst Ross Young (opens in new tab), who expects to see the feature across the entire range for the iPhone 15.

It's a move that is certain to find favour with lovers of Apple's more modest offerings. But there's a catch.

Despite expectations for the dynamic island to make it's way onto lower-priced spec sheets, Young doesn't believe 120Hz displays or ProMotion technology will follow suit, stating that the current supply chain wouldn't be able to support such a move.

That means that the highly touted Always-On Display will remain a Pro-only feature, as well.

Young (opens in new tab)goes on to suggest that Apple's supplier, BOE, would be unable to cope with production of their ProMotion displays on a sufficient scale, but does hint that this may change by 2024.

It makes sense for Apple to keep certain features exclusively for their premium offerings. Financially, it enables them to hit a wider array of price points, lowering the barrier to entry and enabling them to reach a wider variety of customers.

By doing away with the things that are nice to have, but not necessarily essential, the standard iPhone line can maintain an attainable price point, while the feature-laden Pro range can spiral upwards as much as necessary. It's a formula that has seen the iPhone through multiple generations, and these leaks show no signs of it stopping.

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