iPhone 15 Ultra concept video shows incredibly attractive new flagship

Our best look yet at what an Apple iPhone 15 Ultra could look like

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra phone in titanium and gold on white background
(Image credit: 4RMD)

Following on from reports that the iPhone 15 flagship is going to adopt the 'Ultra' naming as recently debuted on the Apple Watch Ultra, we've now got our best look yet at just what an iPhone 15 Ultra could look like.

That's because talented design 4RMD has just published a simply stunning concept design video in which an 'iPhone 15 Ultra' is not only shown off from every angle but also has its specs and price laid bare.

The video, which can be watched in full below, shows the iPhone 15 Ultra with a titanium frame and body with Sapphire Crystal 6.7-inch display. The display is rated as rocking some incredible stats, too, including 2,400 nits of brightness, up to a 180Hz refresh rate, and always-on functionality.

Away from the screen, the iPhone 15 Ultra is shown with a quad rear camera system with 48MP wide main sensor capable of 8K video recording and a new periscope lens that offers 10x optical and 50x digital zoom.

In terms of processor, the iPhone 15 Ultra comes equipped with an A17 Bionic, while in terms of battery capacity the phone is specced with a 5,000mAh unit, which is shown in the concept video to deliver a 48-hour battery life.

Finally, in terms of price, the iPhone 15 Ultra is theorized to start at $1,499.

The T3 take: An ambitious spec, but not massively off-piste most likely

There's no doubting that the theoretical device shown off here has a very ambitious spec, but what it suggests could be delivered by an Apple iPhone 15 Ultra doesn't seem way off the mark.

For example, it seems obvious that the Ultra will come powered by the nest processor in Apple's Bionic range of chipsets, which unless naming and numbering systems get rebooted, will indeed mean an A17 Bionic.

The bigger battery, a 5,000mAh unit, also feels very possible, with many flagship Android phones already offering that capacity size. The 48-hour battery life delivered by the unit may be a little far-fetched, though, albeit not impossible as Apple is a master of efficiency.

The camera upgrades also sound on the money. Apple put serious weight behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max's pro-grade video recording capabilities, which T3 has confirmed are a game-changer, so we could see Apple push the boat out and offer 8K video recording.

Where we feel this concept design gets a little far-fetched is in terms of the display's advertised 180Hz refresh rate capabilities. Apple was much slower than Android in delivering its devices with 120Hz displays, and considering the best Android phones don't offer 180Hz displays right now tells us not to expect that on any iPhone 15 Ultra.

Still, from a design point of view, we think this iPhone 15 Ultra looks stunning. The titanium casing with gold accents looks incredibly premium and definitely imbues the handset with a unique top-tier aesthetic, very much like the Apple Watch Ultra does in comparison with the Apple Watch Series 8.

We can also see Apple adopting the 'Ultra' naming convention, too, as plenty of competitors now use 'Pro' in naming their products, so this switch would help keep Apple a step ahead of its rivals.

Here's hoping, then, that this iPhone 15 Ultra concept design proves to be accurate, as if it is, then Apple could be about to make the best phone the world has ever seen, both in form and function.

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