Best flip flops for walking 2024: grippy footwear for summer strolls

Here are the best flip flops for walking to help you dodge aching ankles and blisters on your travels

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The best flip flops for walking have a few notable additions that help set them apart from your standard foam-and-plastic versions for summer beach bumming. Features such as a moulded or zoned footbed, a chunkier and grippier outsole, and soft straps will all aid comfort levels when walking.

These simple, slip-on warm-weather shoes provide boosted support when adventuring off-road (though we're talking more country lanes rather than mountain trails), along beaches or on long days exploring a city.

While the best flip flops for walking are designed to deliver higher levels of comfort, there's only so much support and protection this style of shoe can muster. You should swap to a pair of the best walking sandals or even the best walking shoes for men / best women's walking shoes for more strenuous walks or trickier terrain.

However, flip-flops can be a great choice when only the easiest, breeziest footwear will do. If you're headed to the beach, check out T3's best beach tents and best cool box guides.

Best flip flops for walking to buy right now

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How to choose the best flip flops for you

Before you buy your next pair of flip-flops for walking, pay attention to what the uppers are made of. Synthetic materials are quicker to dry if you're planning on dipping your feet in the ocean or a stream, but leather is better for durability and general wear and tear. Another key thing to look for is increased arch support – a lack of arch support is to blame for much of the pain you can feel when walking in unsupportive footwear, and it can lead to painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis.

How we test the best flip flops

Flip-flop testing might sound like a redundant activity, but just like any specialised footwear, flip-flops need to be thoroughly tested. We pay careful attention to how they fit, how much cushioning they provide, and how comfortable it is to wear them for long periods of time. Durability is tested the only way possible: wearing the flip-flops for weeks on end.

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