Best flip flops for walking 2019: from Birkenstock to Skechers

The unconventional, but cool way to cover the miles

The best flip flops for walking

Granted, flip flops aren’t going to be the most supportive shoes to walk in but when you hate sweaty feet and love the feeling of the cool air touching your toes, it is possible to find a pair of flip flops that will provide your feet with some level of comfort. 

Although we can’t guarantee that our selection of the best flip flops for walking will provide you with incredible ankle support, their sole should provide good enough stability for you to comfortably navigate flatish mountain trails. 

With walking flip flops, the smaller details matter and with their deep heel cup, FMT technology and with a footbed that provides full support to the foot arches, the highly rated Vionic Islander come up tops. 

When considering your next pair of walking flip flops, you should also consider the material of the upper. 

Synthetic materials are usually quicker to dry if you’re planning on dipping your feet into a mountain stream but leather is great for durability and wear. 

Vionic Islander

1. Vionic Islander

With heaps of five star reviews and some great tech specs to boot, these are our top choice for walking flip flops

Sizes: 7-12
Outer material: Nylon
Inner material: EVA
Outsole: Durable rubber
Reasons to buy
+Footbed hugs arches to keep your foot secure

Flip flops obviously don’t provide the same level of ankle support as full on boots, so designers have had to compensate somewhat by carefully thinking about the sole structure. 

Consideration has gone into this shoe from top to bottom; from the soft nylon upper to the sole that prevents your foot from shifting around uncomfortably as you cover the miles. The EVA midsole is shock absorbing, while the tread of the outer sole provides the flip flop with traction for sturdiness on slippy terrain. 

Skechers Go Walk Pizazz

2. Skechers Go Walk Pizazz

Well known for their supreme levels of comfort, Skechers strike again with this flip flop

Sizes: 3-8
Outer material: Synthetic
Inner material: Textile
Outsole: Gum rubber
Reasons to buy
+Multi-directional traction sole

These Skechers are packed full of technology designed to make walking in flip flops as comfortable as possible. 

They feature the GOga mat footbed and the GOwalk 3 design sole which should provide you with a flexible, spongy and supportive base to walk on. Their casual, sporty appearance and three colour choices make them a stylish addition to your walking wardrobe. 

Olukai Ohana

3. Olukai Ohana

With endless colour combinations to choose from, these flip flops shouldn’t just be for walking

Sizes: 6.5-18
Outer material: Synthetic and textile
Inner material: ICEVA, EVA
Outsole: Rubber
Reasons to buy
+17 different style combinations to choose from

With their EVA base and soft waterproof outer, these walking flip flops from Olukai boast many similarities to our top pick. The drop in the footbed provides support to both the heel and the foot arches, while the coral reef design of the outer sole offers up plenty of traction so you’re not slipping around everywhere. 

Having earned heaps of five star reviews from happy customers, these walking flip flops are stylish enough for supportive everyday footwear, in addition to the odd hike though the hills. 

Birkenstock Gizeh

4. Birkenstock Gizeh

You won’t be feeling like a birk in these fashionable Birkenstocks

Sizes: 2.5-9
Outer material: Leather
Inner material: Synthetic
Outsole: PU/EVA
Reasons to buy
+A structured base to support every area of the foot

Birkenstocks are well known for their superior comfort levels, so it makes sense to send them up the mountain with you. With their buckled leather upper, these Birkenstocks enable you to adjust the strap to just the right level of comfort and support. 

The EVA base should provide a good level of support and comfort, with the raised edges keeping your feet firmly in place. 

Reef Fanning 2.0

5. Reef Fanning 2.0

Beer when you reach the top? Why not?

Sizes: 7-12
Outer material: Synthetic
Inner material: Synthetic
Outsole: Moulded rubber
Reasons to buy
+Yes, there’s a bottle opener on the sole of the flip flop

Moving away from the fact that there is an actual bottle opener on the bottom of these flip flops, thanks to the Thirst Quenching Technology and EVA footbed, these flip flops keep your feet comfortable and sweat free. 

Another super cool feature is the 360 degree airbag under the heel, which should provide a decent level of shock resistance for when you’re covering uneven ground.

Oh yeah, and there’s a bottle opener on the bottom of the sole.