A 10-minute, 10-move dumbbell-only workout to build muscle at home

All you need is a pair of dumbbells and 10 minutes a day to pack on muscle

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Getting fit doesn't have to take up an awful lot of your time, nor does it require an extensive amount of home gym equipment, as this 10-minute, 10-move dumbbell-only home full-body workout from fitness influencer Chris Heria clearly demonstrates.

For this workout, you can use standard dumbbells or, if you're thinking about progression, you can also use adjustable dumbbells; both work equally fine. Apart from a pair of home weights, all you need is your willpower to do this simple yet effective full-body workout day after day until you look as shredded as Chris.

As always, the key to building muscle is to follow a progressive overload workout pattern – where you gradually increase workout frequency/weight/etc. – eat well and rest properly so your body is ready for transforming those protein shakes into muscle mass.

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Watch Chris Heria's Complete 10 Min Full Body Workout

Chris Heria is one of the most well-known callisthenics fitness influencers. Callisthenics workouts use the athlete's body for resistance and are very cost-effective (you don't need to invest in loads of workout gear). Typical callisthenics exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, air squats, etc.

In this workout, Chris is using compound exercises, great for building mass and losing weight, too. Compound exercises use many muscles at the same time enabling you to build full-body strength and definition. 

Chris Heria's Complete 10 Min Full Body Workout: Exercises

  • Push-up deadlifts (45 seconds)
  • Thrusters (45 seconds)
  • Deadlift bent over row (45 seconds)
  • Single arm dumbbell swings (22 seconds each)
  • Dumbbell squats + lunge (45 seconds)
  • Diamond push-up (45 seconds)
  • Biceps curls + hammer curls (45 seconds)
  • Triceps kickbacks (45 seconds)
  • Lateral raises (45 seconds)
  • Dumbbell chair sit ups (22 seconds each)

Most of the exercises are self-explanatory but even if they weren't, Chris does a great job in making it clear how to do them properly. Plus, it's a follow-along video so you can have it run in the background and do the exercises the same time Chris does them.

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