The best Amazon Echo Flex Black Friday deals

Make your home a little smarter with this Echo Flex Black Friday deal

The best Amazon Echo Flex Black Friday deals
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Looking to make your home a little smarter but wary that it's a big investment? Black Friday is the perfect time to start thanks to this deal on the new Echo Flex, Amazon's plug-in mini smart speaker with Alexa.

Access the hands-free smart assistance of Alex from anywhere in your home with this plug, which you can add to any regular socket. 

The Echo Flex is available now, but do note this Black Friday deal is only on offer for customs in the UK and Ireland as this is where the Echo Flex currently ships. 

The Echo Flex is easy to use, simply plug it in anywhere around your home and use your voice to ask Alexa questions, add items to your shopping basket, check the weather or traffic reports, make hands-free calls and control compatible smart home devices.

You can also use it like an intercom to connect with other Alex devices and speak to any other room in the house. Forgotten to lock the front door or put  the bins out but you're already in bed? Tell someone who is still downstairs. Putting the finishes touches on dinner? Announce it's ready to your family. 

The built-in USB port means you're not wasting a socket; you can charge your phone or other tech devices like nightlights from the Echo Flex. 

The best Amazon Echo Flex Black Friday deals

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