T3 Awards 2020: it's back, it’s bigger and the nominations are open… NOW

Brands, marketeers and fans can nominate their favourite products now for the T3 Awards 2020: the only awards that matter

T3 Awards 2020
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The T3 Awards have been running for 13 years – the first one practically pre-dated the internet – but last year we expanded the categories and made big changes to the format. This year, the T3 Awards 2020 is even bigger. 

The number of categories has actually grown – which seemed impossible, if not unwise to us last year – and so the range of potential winners is wider than ever. What remains the same is that the T3 Awards is still all about helping you to discover the best products to buy – it's just now that‘s in more categories than ever before.

The winners of the T3 Awards 2020 will be announced during the week of Monday 8 June and will appear in T3 magazine on sale Friday 12 June. That‘s ages away but the process of choosing the victors starts NOW.

T3 Awards 2020: the nominations start now

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There are oh-so-nearly 100 T3 Awards categories this year. Nearly one hundred! But actually 89! They range from mobiles to mowers and from TVs to tents. There are Awards for our spanking new Wellness channel, as well as established areas such as phones, TV and AV and home wares.

As ever, we've got plenty of opinions about what should be on the shortlists and even what might ultimately win. However, we are again taking nominations for T3 Awards from brands, marketers and fans, so even more, new products are brought to our attention. 

You can nominate as many products as you like, and the process is easy peasy – just fill in a simple online form saying what you're nominating and why. We already have key products in mind in all categories, so it's probably not necessary to nominate Premier League products such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 – although feel free to do so if it makes you happy. Nominations close early April so there is not much time.

As well as announcing victors in all T3's core areas – tech, AV, home and garden, watches, travel, outdoors, auto, wellness, and fitness – in June, we'll also be handing out gongs in our 'headline' categories. So by the time June is out, you'll know who's been crowned the greatest product, brand, retailer and the best gadget under £100. We also have gongs for product innovation and crown a 5G Champion for 2020.

• Nominate products for the T3 Awards 2020 now

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