Sony Tablet S2 to be named Sony Tablet P?

Follows alphabetical naming scheme of Sony Tablet S

Sony's latest tablet could be getting a name change to fit in with the Sony Tablet S or S1 as it was previously known

A rumour has surfaced which says the latest Android tablet from Sony, the Sony Tablet S2 could be getting a name change to the Sony Tablet P.

The dual 5.5-inch screen folding tablet will apparently be appearing at IFA this week running Sony's own skinned version of Android Honeycomb and showing off the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor along with 512MB of RAM and a front-facing 0.3MP snapper.

Weighing in at only 370g (the iPad 2 is 601g) the Sony Tablet P will be hoping to encroach on the smartphone/tablet market by combining the small and unique form-factor with a fully functioning tablet as well. There's no official word on these new name changes, but considering how close to IFA the information has been leaked it seems likely these will be the names they stick with on release day.

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