Peloton Bike+ is cheaper for Black Friday and I'm seriously considering getting one

Now is the time to save big on my new Peloton Bike+

Peloton Bike+ being used in a home
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The Peloton Bike+ is not a cheap exercise bike. It's never been cheap. If anything, the appeal of Peloton is that although it's expensive, you get a premium experience so, in essence, you get your money's worth. However, the price of the Bike+ has dropped significantly for Black Friday, enough for me to consider getting one.

Now, even with the discount, getting the Peloton Bike+ is an investment. After all, the Bike+ is the best exercise bike at the moment and you don't get to the top by cutting corners. And if you aren't cutting corners, you can't keep the price down. Not like Peloton is trying to keep it down during the year but clearly, it made an exception with this Black Friday fitness deal.

Peloton Bike+ Basics Bundle, was £2,295, now £1,995 at Peloton

Peloton Bike+ Basics Bundle, was £2,295, now £1,995 at Peloton
If you're considering getting a Peloton Bike+ anytime soon, now is the time to do so. You can save £300 by getting this excellent exercise bike now which will pay for your Peloton App subscription for a few months at least. The offer ends 29 November, don't miss out!

Which is the reason why I'm thinking about getting one. It's not like it'll ever be half price, right? And if I can save some money on it, that's a bonus. Like most people, I'll eventually get a Peloton Bike+, all I need is a strong enough incentive to make that decision happen right now.

And £300/$350/AU$500 off is the kind of incentive I was looking for. Getting a Bike+ would enable me to use the pricey Peloton All-Access Membership but should I decide to opt-in for the cheaper Peloton App Membership, the money I save on the bike would pay for over two years' worth of app subscription. Now we are talking!

Even basic access to the app would enable me to access thousands of classes, including cardio, strength, HIIT, yoga and meditation, but the all-access version would allow for other family members to enjoy the Peloton experience. And that would make justifying getting the Bike+ even easier.

One thing is for sure: if I miss this Black Friday deal, I'll probably have to wait another year to get my Peloton and I'm not sure if I can afford that, mentally. I have been breaking my mind over for long enough. It's time to start working on that new year's resolution in time this year. 

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