Emma mattress discount codes and deals for January 2022: 50% off in the early Boxing day sale

Looking for an Emma mattress discount code or deal? There's a big Boxing Day sale live now

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Looking for an Emma mattress discount code or deal? You're in luck. This article is dedicated to bringing you the best prices at all times, and we often negotiate exclusive T3 Emma discount codes to take the prices down even further. 

In the UK right now Emma has launched its Boxing Day sale early... but only for subscribers. It's well worth popping your email address in, though, because the Emma Boxing Day sale knocks a massive 50% off both the Original and Premium mattresses, as well as a range of sleep accessories, from pillows and duvets to the new Emma weighted blanket. 

Shopping from the US? Your deals aren't quite as good right now, we're afraid, but there are still savings to be had. The Holiday sale knocks up to 20% off site-wide, and you can save up to $700 if you go for a bundle.

If you're you've done your research and decided that Emma is the right mattress brand for you then well done, you've made a wise choice. As you'll see in our Emma Original mattress review and (UK only) Emma Premium mattress review, we rate this brand's mattresses extremely highly. 

In fact, the former is our best memory foam mattress, and top value pick in our best UK mattress roundup, too. We're yet to properly test out the new Emma ACT (US only) but have high hopes for that one too. We're constantly looking out for the lowest prices and negotiating exclusive Emma discount codes, and the article is where we let you know about them. See how this compares to what other brands are doing in our general cheap mattress deals guide.

UK Emma mattress deal | 50% off mattresses

UK Emma mattress deal | 50% off mattresses
Head direct to Emma where there are major price drops on mattresses, sleep accessories and bundles. Choose between the ultra comfy memory foam Emma Original or the Emma Premium, which adds a layer of tall springs for extra support and better breathability.

US Emma mattress promo | up to 20% off site-wide at Emma

US Emma mattress promo | up to 20% off site-wide at Emma
Head to Emma.com to save on the Emma Original or all-new Emma ACT. The innovative European design of the Emma Original includes layers dedicated to temperature regulation, motion isolation, pressure relieve and spinal alignment. The ACT is a hybrid with active cooling technology.

The Emma Original has two T3 Awards to its name (in 2019 and 2020). Three layers of superbly comfortable memory foam, a machine-washable cover, and an incredible value price point make it an all-round incredible choice. In the UK, you also have the option of choosing the Emma Premium. This pricier option adds a layer of tall springs, and is a better choice if you want a little extra support from your mattress.

Which Emma mattress should I buy?

In the UK, there are currently two mattresses in the Emma range. The first is the Emma Original. The cross-section looks slightly different for the US version compared to the UK one, but it's essentially the same. The top layer is made from motion-isolating, breathable 'Airgocell' foam, which absorbs moisture and promotes airflow. Next up is the memory foam layer, which moulds itself around the sleeper's body for custom support. A HRX base layer to keep everything stable and ensure your lower back and shoulders are properly supported. Finally, there's a climate-regulating cover, with handles for easy maneuvering. 

If you're shopping from the US, that's the only Emma mattress available to you. In the UK, there's a second option: the Emma Premium (previously known as the Emma Original Hybrid – not to be confused with the Emma Hybrid, which is technically still available, but currently hidden in the footer of the Emma site, so we suspect it's not sticking around too much longer). The Premium is similar to the Original, but adds a layer of tall springs, which mean its firmer and more supportive than the Original, as well as sleeping a bit cooler. It's pricier than the Original, but we'd say it's worth it. 

If you're not sure about Emma as a brand, check out our Emma vs Nectar, Emma vs OTTY and Emma vs Casper head-to-head battle reviews. As always, if you're stumping up for a quality mattress, we'd advise you to pick up Emma's mattress protector at the same time, to protect your investment and keep your mattress box-fresh for longer.

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Image 1 of 3

Emma Original Mattress

An excellent affordable memory foam mattress

Sizes: UK Single, Small double, Double, King, Super king (plus US sizes)
Depth: 25cm
Turn: No
Filling: Memory foam
Comfort: Medium firm
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
RRP: Single: £449, Small double: £639, Double: £699, King size: £799, Super king: £899
Reasons to buy
+Exceptionally comfortable and loads of awards+Handles for rotating +Removable and machine washable cover
Reasons to avoid
-Sleeps a bit hot
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Emma Premium Mattress review

(Image credit: Emma )
Image 1 of 3

Emma Premium Mattress review

(Image credit: Emma )

A superbly supportive hybrid

Sizes: UK Single, Double, King, Super king
Depth: 25cm
Turn: No
Filling: Memory foam + springs
Comfort: Medium firm
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
RRP: UK Single: £799, Double: £999, King size: £1159, Super king: £1319
Reasons to buy
+Exceptionally comfy+More supportive and firmer than Original+Removable and washable cover
Reasons to avoid
-Still sleeps slightly warm

Does Emma have deals on Amazon Prime Day?

Yes! Emma also sells through Amazon in the UK. Within the Amazon UK Emma range, you'll find all the same mattresses that you can but direct from Emma, as well as an additional affordable 'Emma Essential' model. There aren't always deals over Amazon Prime Day, but at 2021 event there were some absolutely excellent ones. 

Over the 21 and 22 June, there was 50% off all sizes of the Emma Original (the biggest discount we've ever seen on that mattress), and 45% off the Emma Hybrid (matching the best ever discount on that model). These were the best mattress deals we saw over Prime Day 2021, which came as a bit of a surprise. There's was 39% off the King size of the Emma Original Hybrid, too, but that deal was bettered by a discount code at Emma's own site at the time. 

The 2020 event was a little different – it was pushed back to 13-14 October. Over those days, UK Prime members could knock 33% off the price of the Emma Original, which wasn't a standout deal in the context of what we'd seen before.

We'd also always recommend checking on the Emma website before purchasing, as you'll often find Emma is at least matching what Amazon is doing on price. Although it did not do so over Prime Day 2021. 

How good is the Emma mattress? What's the deal?

The Emma Original mattress is an outstanding bed in a box. Part of the not-that-new wave of vacuumed-packed mattresses that you buy online, the Emma Original arrives at your door rolled up in a small, conveniently sized box, and springs to life once opened.

It's an entirely foam-based model. The top layer consists of 4cm of breathable Airgocell foam, which combines with a second layer of pressure-relieving visco-elastic memory foam to keep you comfortable however you sleep and no matter how much you move around in the night. Beneath these is a thick bottom layer of HRX material that's designed to provide exceptional support, especially for your lower back. The whole package is enclosed in a humidity-regulating top cover that keeps you cool and allows the mattress to breathe.

Emma mattress Black Friday deals and sales: how good was the 2021 deal?

The 2021 sale kicked off in the UK on 12 November, and it saw Emma knock 45% off both its Emma Original and the new-that-year Emma Premium. In the week before Black Friday, we offered an exclusive discount that took an extra 10% off sale prices, taking the total discount to 50.5%. With the 50.5% discount, a Double original cost £346. 

In an unorthodox move, Emma launched an even bigger deal on the weekend leading into Cyber Monday. The discount increased to 50% off, and the T3 Emma discount code remained valid, taking the total discount up to 55%. That's the best price we've ever seen on these mattresses, even factoring in RRP changes. With the 55% discount, a Double Original cost £314.55.

In 2020, the Emma UK Black Friday deal knocked 35% off site-wide, with a 3-month Headspace subscription bundled in with all mattress purchases. That year, we also offered an exclusive code that meant shoppers could bump that up to 36% off by entering the code T36 at the checkout. This Emma discount code was valid for two weeks, from 16 November till the 30 November (Cyber Monday). John Lewis also matched the 35% off deal. With that discount, a Double Original cost £343.85.

In 2019, with our special T3 Emma mattress discount code, UK shoppers could knock 41% off everything on the Emma site. At the time, it was the biggest Emma mattress discount ever. Compare this to 2018, when we saw up to 30% knocked off the price. 

Muddying the waters slightly is the fact that there have been significant price changes on the Emma Original over the past few years, so comparing deals isn't as simple as looking for the biggest percentage discount. The lineup has also changed – the Original has been a constant, but the Emma Hybrid has been in and out of the range, and the Emma Premium has been added for 2021.

What about the Emma mattress US Black Friday sale?

In the US, for 2021, there was 40% off mattresses, plus big savings on bundles. 

In 2020, there was 40% off with the code EMMABF in the US. The sale kicked off 16 November, 10 days before the official Black Friday, with the UK deal running until the end of the day on Black Friday. Unusually, there was no deal over the weekend, with Emma kicking off its Cyber Monday sale on 30 Nov, with the same discount.

Emma mattress price: how much does it cost?

Emma mattresses are typically competitively priced, but in summer 2021, they got a big price rise that means they're slightly less so. Although, I will stress that the concept of 'RRP' in the mattress world is a very loose one – it's very unlikely you'd ever have to actually pay full price, as there are so many sales. 

We've been keeping an eye on prices for a while now, and the current full price is the most expensive we've seen the Emma Original. As of Summer 2021, the official UK pricing is: Single £499; Small Double £639, Double £699; King £799; Super King £899. 

From Summer 2020 to Summer 2021, the RRP was significantly lower: Single £299; Small Double £449, Double £499; King £579; Super King £649. 

Prior to Summer 2020, pricing was similar to the current RRP: Single £429; Double £649; King £699; Super King £799.

Remember, though, that you shouldn't really ever need to pay full price – there are always great Emma mattress deals to be found on this page.

More Emma mattress discounts and deals

UK: Refer a friend and get £50

UK: Refer a friend and get £50
Refer a friend and get $50
Even if you don't need a mattress right now, you probably have a friend who does. If you refer them, you can both do nicely: they'll get a voucher for £50/$50 off, and if they decide to keep their Emma mattress after 100 days you'll get £50/£50 for yourself.

Emma mattress protector | From £89

Emma mattress protector | From £89 / From $110
Emma's waterproof, breathable and hypoallergenic mattress protector will prolong the life your mattress, so it's a great investment. Check out some alternatives in our best mattress protector guide.

Emma pillow | Buy for £62

Emma pillow | Buy for £62 / Buy for $99.99
The Emma pillow has three separate layers that you can adjust to create a soft, medium or firm pillow (or anything in between). It’s extremely supportive, and also has a breathable cover to keep you cool at night. See how it compares to the rest of our best pillow guide.

When else can I bag an Emma mattress discount?

Aside from Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, there are other times of the year that tend to deliver great Emma mattress discounts. The Winter sales are a good example – the January sales in 2020 saw the biggest price-drop we've ever seen, of 45%. Another great time to buy is Amazon Prime Day. The 2020 event took place on 13-14 October (although it's traditionally in the summer) and saw 33% off the Emma Original for Prime members in the UK.

Big holidays will often see price drops of around 30%, but once or twice a year this might go up to 40% or very occasionally even more (as we saw in January 2020). In short: there's usually an Emma mattress deal to be found. 

Emma mattress deals you missed...

To give you a better idea of the kinds of deals you can expect at Emma, and when, here's a roundup of some of the deals you've missed.

UK expired deals from 2021:

  • Early December 2021: 45% off, plus an extra 8% with code SUPERT3
  • Cyber Monday 2021: 50% off, bumped up to 55% off with T3 code
  • Black Friday 2021: 45% off, with an extra 10% (total 50.5% off) with code SUPERT3
  • Nov 2021: 45% off mattresses at Emma
  • Oct Flash sale (3 days): 45% off mattresses + 10% extra with T3 code (total 50.5% off)
  • September 2021: just over 46% off mattresses with T3 code
  • Summer 2021: RRP price rise – £20 more on Single, up to £100 on King and Super King
  • August 2021: 40% off the Original Hybrid with code SUNNY40
  • July 2021: 42% off with code SUPERT3
  • July 2021: 35% off the Emma Hybrid and Original Hybrid mattresses
  • Prime Day 2021: 50% off the Original and 45% off the Hybrid at Amazon for Prime subscribers
  • May 2021: 40% off everything with code SuperT3
  • April 2021: 42% off everything with code T42
  • March 2021: 42% off everything with code T42
  • Valentine's Day 2021: 42% off with the exclusive T3 discount code T42
  • February 2021: Exclusive! 37% off site-wide at Emma with code T37
  • January 2021: T3 exclusive code! 32% off with the code T32

UK expired deals from 2020:

  • December 2021: 40% off mattresses
  • Nov 2021: 35% off the Original, 40% off the Emma ACT in the Fall sale
  • Boxing Day 2020: T3 exclusive – 37% off all mattresses with code T37
  • Dec 2020: T3 exclusive – 41% off with code T41 (or 40% off without)
  • Dec 2020: T3 exclusive – 35% off for T3 readers with code T35
  • Black Friday 2020: T3 exclusive: 36% off with discount code T36 (or 35% off without)
  • Black Friday 2020: 35% off at John Lewis
  • Nov 2020: T3 exclusive – 27% off with discount code T27 (or 25% off without)
  • Halloween 2020: 25% off everything with Emma mattress discount code SPOOKY25
  • Oct 2020: T3 exclusive – 34% off everything with code T34
  • Amazon Prime Day 2020: 33% off the Emma Original at Amazon
  • Sept 2020: T3 exclusive – 27% off site-wide with discount code T27
  • July 2020: Permanent price drop across all sizes of Emma Original
  • Aug 2020: T3 discount code T28 knocks 28% off
  • Jan 2020: 45% off site-wide at Emma, with code BOX45

US expired deals...

  • November: 35% off the Original, 40% of the new Emma ACT 
  • September 2021: 40% off for Labor day
  • July 2021: Up to 45% off for Independence Day
  • July 2021: Up to 35% off for Pride Month
  • April 2021: 35% off mattresses
  • March 2021: 30% off when you buy from Emma direct
  • February 2021: Up to 32% off for Texas Independence Day
  • January 2020: 30% off sitewide
  • Black Friday 2020: 40% off sitewide
  • Veteran's Day 2020: 30% off sitewide, and 35% off bundles
  • Halloween 2020: 30% off sitewide with the promo code SPOOKY
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