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PS5 news: This incredible PlayStation 5 design shows off the console we all want

This slick PS5 design echoes the sleek DualSense controller

(Image credit: Future)

The PS5 is coming. Although it might be more expensive, and come in slightly more limited quantities, than the PS4 did at launch due to the impact of the global health crisis, it's still set to take the fight to its principal rival, the Xbox Series X.

With PS5 games including the launch exclusive Godfall on the horizon, we know a lot about the PlayStation 5's innards and capabilities. A solid state drive will allow for lightning-fast loading times, freeing developers from having to create "corridors" in-game to disguise loading the next section. The PS5's controller, the DualSense, will also be a two-tone powerhouse, with haptic feedback and an in-built microphone.

However, one thing we still don't know is what the PS5 is going to look like. Based on all the officially released (and leaked) information so far, you can see the following render, designed by Future Publishing's very own Senior Motion & 3D Designer, Dan Pearce:

(Image credit: Future)

The PS5 design is clearly influenced by the DualSense controller's two-tone colour scheme. The DualSense's ergonomic curves in black and dark grey are reflected here, as are the blue LEDs running throughout the console, just as they are on the controller.

Although the DualSense shows off a curved, refined design, the PS5 render is a sleek, flatter module. However, there's a method here: as the Xbox Series X has gone for a tall, boxier design, the PS5 will need to differentiate itself from its Microsoft rival while still allowing space for all the tech inside it. 

That solution is wider, not taller, looking like an antiquated blu-ray player while still retaining the layered design reflective of the PS4 and the PS2. The combination of old and new is tantalising: we can imagine the box lighting up as the disc drive hums into life. 

(Image credit: Future)

This is definitely one of the sleeker designs we've seen so far, and it's got elements quite likely to be incorporated into the final design thanks to the blend of old and new. However, it doesn't retain that distinctive V-shape we've seen on the dev kits, and UI icons. This is by no means a negative, but the presence of the "V" icon on the PlayStation's UI could mean this design isn't reflective of the final product.

It looks gorgeous though, and is certainly a console that would take pride of place in our front rooms. It also remains distinctive from the Xbox Series X, as this seems to be the generation consoles undergo a radical redesign. The bottom line is we'll simply have to wait and see whether the final product is reflective of these recently-released renders.

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