Xbox Live Family Pack unveiled

Group option coming in time for Kinect

Four gamers will be able to access Xbox Live for the price of two accounts when offer launches.

The push to make Kinect the ultimate social gaming platform has kicked off in earnest, with Microsoft unveiling a new Xbox Live Family Pack due to land in November, the same month as its hands-free motion control system.

The deal will let four gamers in the same house access Xbox Live Gold, meaning the chance to play online, dabble in Facebook and, or join virtual parties to watch Premier League games or movies.

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One primary account holder will be responsible for other users, allowing them to set parental controls and dole out MS points for spending on downloadable content and other online goodies. There’ll even be the chance to view each users’ habits on

Microsoft is clearly hoping this will encourage more families to shell out for consoles and join the Kinect party. But it sounds to us like an ideal ruse to save loads of cash if you live with a few pals and you each have an Xbox stashed in your room.

The Xbox Live Family Pack will cost $99 Stateside, with UK prices to be announced. Expect to pay around £80 when the service launches.

Via Major Nelson