Wireless electric car charging to be trialled in London

Potential future of electric cars to get small trial in early 2012

Inductive charging for electric cars is to be trialled in London next year with the wireless charging tech a potential saviour of the eco vehicle

The electric car revolution is to take a significant step forward in the coming months as Transport for London and Qualcomm confirm they are to team up to trial wireless electric car charging throughout the English capital in early 2012.

Using a selection of large scale wireless inductive power plates to be installed across Tech City near Canary Wharf early next year, a fleet of 50 specially modified electric vehicles including a run of electric taxis will trial the potential future of the emerging motoring market.

Much like the inductive charging mats available for smartphones just on a larger scale the power plates will generate an electrical field that is converted into a magnetic field to re-power the specially adapted batteries.

The Future of Electric Cars

Speaking with T3 earlier this week industry experts suggested the short range and limited charging possibilities of electric cars would mean the eco vehicles will never become a user’s main mode of transport.

“The current electric car, or soulless electric vehicle, is probably going to be a second car; it can never be your main car,” Stuart Harris Head of Product Marketing at Vauxhall said in an exclusive interview with T3.

Harris’ comments were echoed by Debbie Shields, Vauxhalls’ Product and Technology Manager who added: “The electric car will be one that will get you to work five days a week but come the weekend when you need to go see your granny in Scotland you will need a second vehicle.”

Will inductive charging help electric cars take off and become more mainstream or are they destined for failure due to slow and complicated charging methods and short ranges? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.


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