Web-based universal app store gets EU funding

Webinos will by-pass stores with web-based apps

One app (store) to rule them all?

A project to create a web-based app store that would sidestep Apple, Android and Windows OSes to make applications available on all internet connected devices has received a huge 10m euros EU funding boost.

The Webinos app envirionment would allow online apps to work on devices like smartphones, web-ready televisions and tablets would be compatable with all devices, regardless of the manufacturer.

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When apps are accessed through the web browser, the store would re-code the programming to match that of Apple, Android, Symbian to make all apps available on all platforms.

A total of twenty-two manufacturers and networks are already involved, including Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom. However, predictably, Apple is not on-board and unlikely to be, so there's a feeling this might never get off the ground.

Link: Webinos (via BBC)